Lost In – Difference

A Black US Citizen is walking down the street carrying an AK-47. The black man has his hands in the air. Dozens of police cars pass him by and do nothing. This is the definition of Fiction.

2020 has been so bad what could possibly be worse in 2021? God sends a retribution on mankind and wipes everyone out to start over again. There are now 3 Pandemics instead of one. Aliens from several distant planets decide to conquer earth before earth conquers them. Madonna and Justin Bieber do an Album together and win a Grammy. The Documentary on the Life of President Trump wins an Oscar. Adolph Hitler is alive and well and has been living in Hoboken, NJ. Sadly thus is my wishful thinking of all the good things that could happen in 2021. And I am an Optimist.

I was sitting on my butt watching the rain come down. I was relaxing and enjoying the peacefulness’ of that tranquil moment. All this while the Milky Way Galaxy was unaware of the existence of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The intrusions that effect life are wars, anger, hate, violence, jealousy. murder, and any thing that can eliminate or upset the peaceful flow of life. What war has been started because a neighbor actually loved their neighbor? I am not talking about a man and women living next door to deciding to to have an affair. Thus ending another of the 10 commandments. Is it a basic fact that in order for mankind to exist they must eliminate anything that is different? Or maybe Indifferent or Undifferent? I should just sit in the rain with my thoughts. I can then be all wet like every existing so called intelligent living entity.

While I am writhing in my writing. A garbage truck just came to pick up my garbage. Sadly all the garbage I carry around inside me is still here.

No Rifle Association

The NRA is now the No Rifle Association formerly the National Rifle Association. As you can see changed its name. The reason for keeping the N.R.A. letters is to not to spend extra monies on T-Shirts, or other items the N.R.A. logo is on. This way the NRA is still the NRA. Just thought you may like to know and appreciate this information. Not much more to say. Go read something else if you want. My Riding Lawn Mower MRLM broke when I kinda ran into a ditch. I did not get hurt. So we are done here. Have a push mower so can’t write as much. Takes more time to mow the grass or lawn. Whatever you call what you mow, walk or picnic on. Ok!

No life matters all the time.

Well people sometimes raise their hands, stomp their feet, scream loudly and try to grab attention when feeling obscure.

The question is: “What life matters and when”?

During war. The enemies life does not matter.

Life does not matter to someone inside a “Clique” since outside is nonexistent. This includes groups, neighborhoods, cities, countries, nations, planets and colors.

This is controversial since there are exceptions. Some are inclusive. Resulting in what their definition of “inclusive” is. Finances, behaviors, religion, geography, physical build, age, or well you fill in what is acceptable and not acceptable to you or your group.

What animals matter? The fuzzy ones? The loveable ones, pet ones, endangered ones, nonendangered ones, two legged ones, four legged ones, flying ones? When there are too many the hunted ones fear for their lives? Of course the animals we eat live for us to live.

There is so much life in the sea. Their lives also matter as long as there is something humans can rape and kill them. Usually sea life is needed for useful people stuff. Sorry reap not rape.

Insect life. Stepped on, swatted, poisoned, burned, drowned, eradicated those miserable diseased miniature “pests”.

Then there is God, A Higher Power, Buddha, Mohammed, or a really important something that emaciates humans when they get out of line or increase too much. Plagues, wars, floods, fires, pandemics, Dictators, Leaders of Countries, or Congress and Senators. All these usually take out the poor first. Eventually an earthquake tumbles the rich and they drown in the ocean.

There are examples of when life really does matter. It does not last long. There are respites in history or in the continuum of time. A small ant from time to time will try to hold back the foot closing in to crush it. The animal will hide away from the hunter. The fish will not take the bait. The human will hold up a sign. The universe will expand. Thus bringing the excuse for destruction of morality, cities, individuals, and anything that says, “Life Matters”.

Excuse me. I must go. My cat is hungry. Therefore it is in this instant that my cat and being hungry matters.

King of Obscurity

You are so obscure you don’t even notice yourself. If you read history books there is always mention of civilization Kings, Queens, leaders, inventors, artists and sport celebrities’. The rest of us reported in history are merely background obscure peoples. Seven Billion people on the planet and about 98% or possibly even more are obscure statistics.

If you are lucky you will be reported as part of a team. The Greeks, The Romans, The Italians, The English, The Russians, The Americans, The Boston Red Sox, NFL, NHL, or National Philharmonic Orchestra. I think you get the idea.

WE are the actors sitting at tables behind the staring roles. The people walking or riding in cars seen only momentarily. If at all. The soldiers, workers on pyramids, railroads, high rise buildings or bridges, roads and ice cream parlors. Sadly all the people in war or Zombie pictures being mowed down. In real life. Usually me or you.

Hey! I matter. You may think. Probably. If you are the King or Queen of Obscurity. If you are. Why does not anyone know your name?

Internet for All

I have the fastest internet of all time. The price keeps going up real fast. The actual internet speed keeps slowing down. I feel like I am in a continual rabbit turtle race. Price never matches speed. Speed never matches price.

It has become very strange for someone born over 60 years ago. The same TV programs we watched over and over are now for sale on the Cable/Internet/Whatever TV. Old movies we watched around 5 o’clock during meal times are now being watched for a price. I remember the goofy sponsor that gave away prizes, had bad jokes and stupid costumes. Who knew about 50 years later these same lame movies would cost about $2.99 or up to $14.99 plus.

I am here in the future. Water is for sale. Dirt is for sale. Animals are neutered all the time then sold or adopted. Adoption is for free? There will be a cost.

Fake news! God rest you Walter Cronkite. (Hope I spelled this newsman’s name right). Every political party has their own news station. Data is collected on you every time your buy, sell, sneeze, breathe, itch, or change opinions. Every illness has an expensive pill, shot, lotion or remedy price.

Nice to have frozen, freeze dried, organic, inorganic, processed, unpossessed, food and drink. We are eating grass more and more and meat less and less. 32 cent gasoline is now over 2 sometimes 3 dollars. Sex is everyone’s “Business”. Porn, swearing, cursing, hating, fighting, shooting, killing and 50 year ago criminal and unsociable behavior is know to all children before first grade. The normality of a child is having a relative, brother, sister, mother, father or other relation being on drugs, an alcoholic or just racist mean wife or husband beating on one another a reality.

We elect public officials on what they are financially worth. Morality is like the wind blowing positive and negative or whatever to win elections. People will put the lowest of the low and make them Senators, Congressmen, Presidents and leaders of Countries, Political Parties, Church leaders and whatever the voters elect.

There is a bright side. Looting, killing and violence is an acceptable way to protest. All moral contracts have been broken to allow this. There are certain words we can and cannot say. Not all lives really matter. Guilty in the press until proven guilty in a court of law. Churches are closed down buy the government. People are allowed in public but are asked to wear masks because of pandemics. Not all listen anyway. Infection is ok as long as it is not me. Well. It is expensive to wipe your butt after you poop. Blame this on those cartoon selling TP bears.

Zombies are all over the place. They eat our brains when we watch TV. They eat our livelihoods, our families and infect our children. They steal our identities and suck out all blood and life. The zombies lead us, grow our food, sell up every product manageable on earth and charge great prices to bury, burn, or rip us apart after death.

Welcome to the future.

Reality Check Please.

Senator I heard you just had a briefing on UFO’s. Yeah! Not only aren’t there any. We didn’t get snacks during the briefing.

People have different takes on their own realities. A fisherman that basis his or her life on a full or empty net. Has a much different fishing reality then a fisherman with a row boat in a pond. One fishes for pure pleasure the other for pure survival.

Thus the misadventure of humans. Everyone works harder than anyone else. There is never enough to go around. Don’t dare ask for more soup. Rocking the boat is forbidden. Everyone is lucky to have “A” job. Only anti-social people do not follow the rules. Grin and bare it. Or is it grin and bear it. Whatever. Bare it and tell everyone they can kiss it.

You see. I just gave a few examples of the realities of earth bound, top of the food chain bag of blood and bones. Excluding the drug addicts and alcoholics. They seem to want nothing to do with reality. Being there a few thousand times myself. I just cannot blame them. To solve the drug and alcohol problem. Drugs and booze free for all. No wars, no crime, no food, no means of subsistence, no future to worry about. What fun reality is this swimming in?

The reality of male species. The reality of female species. The reality of sex for f… sake? The reality is the same. More babies for whatever sake. The fun is the dilly dallying homophobic reality with scores of fun people dancing ferociously happy. Why are they happy? It is fun opening and closing closet doors as the curious try to peek in. They only thing really interesting in a closet are the clothes. Clothes of course the Emperor does or does not wear, if any.

The reality from the top. The reality from the bottom. The reality from the right or left. The diagonal reality in two, three, or possibly four or five dimensions. Even the totally hopeless absolutely insane mad people have a reality. Not one anyone but them would understand; as you would learn if you ask Alice.

Why all this import on reality? Physical, financial, emotional, spiritual or actual. Actual Reality? Raise your hand if you know the answer. If any one picks you when your hand is up. That is the reality that should be questioned!


Drowning in the words she hated the most she finally took a breath. Steadily her feet took hold on the bottom of the pond. Navigation was slow but careful. This time. Her head did not burst from underneath the water. Her thoughts slipped her away thru the tangles, sand, rock, pebbles and in time. Arose. Then she began to walk on the water again.

I will never love. Then how will I love? No one will ever read what I write. If I do not write it will be so. In order to move forward I must step. If I do not step I will not move.

Once upon the land she felt a cold finger burn her from behind. She turned to see the ones left behind. Why did they die and not she? They cannot move on now. A bird caught her attention with music she tuned into her mind. The wind warmed and she twirled. Slapped by sudden happy. She twirled again. She had never twirled so. Then why did she leap into a dance?

Clean people gather dust. It is just the way it is. The dust gathers and builds to dirt. Mud can be a bogging chore. An adoring odor seals ones fate as the smells are sorted, chosen then followed. Until the notion that it is time to clean again. Maybe this time it will be better dust.

She was not sure how she had risen so. Her feet relieved from the pressure of her body, were free. She was she. Apart from anything she would not be. Catching a leaf with her toes. She kicked it up into her hands. It nestled then waited.

Nothing that was never inspected will not teach. The blind do not see color but oh… do they reach. The boulder is but a pebble that beckons to be breached. Never turn back time nor rush into it. Stand still it holds power not illusion.

A small child will hold treasures in their pockets next to their hearts. Sticks, stones, tears, feathers, pillows, teddy bears and prayers. Nighttime nightmares are all the same. Dreams. Love is not to be grasped, held or strangled. Never being felt. Touched.

One Bra = 2 Masks

Monty Python had a song in,”The Life of Brian, Always Look on The Bright Side of Life.” If I have offended any human reading these silly takes on home sequestering or Covid-19 Virus. I cannot say, “Get A Life!” Because frankly no one has a life right now. How about, “Enjoy life’s silly anythings.” Don’t be a defensive offensive critic. Read on eating your favorite snack. Have a hug. Carry on.

Talk Show stay at home TV. I kind of like it. Maybe after this is all over some of these Stay at Home shows will continue. News from a Reporter at home is better than those Fireside Chats President Roosevelt had way back in another history. Friendly and more personnel like next to a fireplace kinda thing. Sitcoms could be in real homes with real people. Crime shows showing Murders in the Home. Real Sex with real couples. Kitchen Cooking or outdoor BBQ live and in the Home. Fixing cars in garages with amateur mechanics or professionals. We have some of those now. I am thing attached garages or driveways. How about, “What’s Being Delivered Today,” shows. Whatever one can think of consisting of non studio TV. People that have trouble sleeping could turn on people actually sleeping. That should help out some insomniacs. Children playing board games. Adults playing board games. Senior’s playing board games. Poker and Solitaire card game shows. A new You Tube would be awesome.

That is it for now. My crazy writings will continue in the future. Watch my show, “Sitting in front of a computer typing stuff,” show. It will be awhile for the show to start. I only have a throw away camera I bought in 1986. It should still have film in it. Do throw away camera’s make movie type stuff?

The Diary of Frank Annis

My name is Frank Annis. I have been hiding in the attic with my family for 2 weeks now. It all started when the world governments put a home quarantine for every human on the planet. The quarantine started suddenly without prior notice. The problem was like the game of ,”Sitting Chairs.” When this all started wherever one was is where they had to stay. Children in school were stuck in school with their teacher and the janitor. People in department stores had to sleep with the manikins in the windows. Baby sitters were now on perpetual baby sitting lock down. Gas stations had workers sleeping in the garages. The only real happy people were the alcoholics that were stuck in bars and pubs.

Actually I am a stay at home father. When this all started. I had just finished doing the shopping at Coscos and Sams Club. My wife, a school Principal, gave me a list of things to get. I had left our youngest child, Alice 6 month old baby, with our neighbor Brenda. Brenda is a woman of about 68 years old. She lives alone and loves baby sitting. In fact she runs a sort of unlicensed day care for all the neighbors. It just happened that way. Brenda makes good cookies, which all us stay at home fathers love. Plus her daughter that helps is a former porn star. We stay at home fathers have all her tapes. Anyway.

This came down so fast and being left alone. I just had to find a way to get my family back. Problem is if anyone leaves their quarantined spot. They would be arrested. Then forced to work in high risk areas like hospitals, Coscos, Sams Club, Walmart or toll booths making sure the travelers have proper paperwork to be on the road. Worse yet the toilet paper mills. I’ll get back to this later.

So there it is. The whole world population stuck all over in places they did not want to be. Why? Someone detected there was an unprecedented color in the atmosphere. This color started in Hoboken, NJ, and got the name, ” Eight Shades of Hoboken”. The United States scoffed at this name and uses, “Colors of the World Disease.” The colors quickly spread throughout the world making people sick or even dying. At first people thought it was because the colors stuck to them. Others swore it was because the colors did not stick to them. Still others could not determine if the colors were dark, light, medium or a mix of colors. Whatever, when someone gets sick or dies the governments counts them up and a pandemic of colors is released upon the world.

That is why I am in the attic. I had smuggled some of my relatives and friends in my home to escape the Shades of Color Police. The best place to sequester friends and relatives without detection is the attic. Well. Basement too. They are the people that were not really relatives or friends. Most were delivery people we could not chance to let go.

I have to stop now. The Shades Color Police are driving around the neighborhood. We got a Shades of Color Police Scanner the Amazon delivery person had. Until next time I can write. Be careful and be colorless.

Covid-19 or Corona -19?

Team Covid-19 fans are leading the Corona-19 fans. Or not if I spelled both of them wrong again it could be another Virus-19 fan.

To visit Nanna and Poppa or to not visit Granny or Granpa?

I think it depends on how old they are and how much they have to leave in a will. Now this may seem like a crass and unethical thing to write. The truth is there are people out there thinking about this. Not only that. There is a new crime show in the works called, “The Covid-19 Murders.” I think it may be on the channel with all the other crime shows. This is part of the America Has Entertainment Mentality. (A.H.E.M.). Just think. How long was it before a TV or Movie came out after 911? Americans love disaster and Apocalyptic entertainment. AHEM also loves war, horror, and dysfunctional relationships. A show with a single mother or father with children are usually, “Comedies.” Side note. I first wrote AEM then needed something more. I added the Has to get AHEM. Sorry or ahem for AHEM.

There is a problem making movies for AHEM because mostly everybody is sequestered in this housebound situation. How is a car chase going to work? If a home invasion occurs. Then will everyone die like in a Russian Comedy? I imagine, maybe, the big family stuck at home with not much to do plot might be over played. Then there is the children have the virus. Let us ask the Grandparents to babysit. We can pretend mom and dad need to get some black market toilet paper and hand sanitizers. A far fetching plot having a pet dog or cat pass it on. “Dawn of the Viral Pet?”

I saw a detective show where the inspector/police guy or whatever. Had a father that was an artist. This father would only paint forest landscapes. No matter how much he tried. The artist could only paint these forest landscapes. This is the same problem I have. I sit down to write about anything but this damn virus thing. I just seems that for now I cannot write about anything else. Why? Covid-19 is being blasted to all of us surviving this thing so far. TV, Internet, advertisements, cable, live TV, News, a daily death count. If one notices. The death count actually changes in real time; if one watches it carefully.

I live alone and love it. I have about a half dozen Grand-ones and a daughter that checks on me. Usually she wants to know if I have any black market toilet paper connections. Bidets are starting to take off and have a 2 or 3 month delivery period now. That wait is on Amazon. If one is lucky they may find one that is a bit more expensive that has a quicker delivery period of 2 to 4 weeks. For your AHEM tonight. Check out the book, “I was a Black Market Toilet Paper Criminal.”

My daughter and her children want to visit me. Not because I have money. If I die she may have to change her name because of my credit card debt. I have a mortgage and car payment. The cat is no problem. If I die and no one finds me for a few days. My cat loves eating any bug that trespasses into her home. It is the cats home. The cat just hired me to change the litter and feed her. Anyway! I seem to make great ice cream sodas. I am over 65 and in the High Risk Category. Strange but I have been in the HRC since I was born. We all have. I abused drugs, alcohol, and chocolate. I had drunken sex with strange people. The sex did not include safe sex aids. Blackouts usually make things like this occur. I was in a combat zone. The combat zone was by accident. That is another story. I have been in accidents that were so bad people would ask, “How did you survive that?” High Risk? Yeah, I think we have all been there. The next phase is wondering which actor will play us, in the soon to be released, “Viral” movie or TV Series.

If I am afraid to get the virus and die because I hugged my daughter, grandson or granddaughter. I am dead already. I must hug them. Especially because that is also part of AHEM. Ya just gotta hug love!