Ed, Chumly, Felix, JaJa (Grandfather).  New to wordpress.  Have been on Google Blogger, Wattpad, and wrote, “A Simply Chumly Gift for You.” (Amazon).  Like humor, not a prolific writer, not sure what prolific means but looks like a neat word.  Mostly here to write fun stuff with some very slight thinking on readers part.  Favorite quote or saying, “Reality what a concept.” have no idea who said this.  Could have been a real person, not sure.  Favorite book, “The Bible.”  Only writing this so I won’t get zapped by lightning or something worse like a very big zit on a first date.  Have a lot of other favorite stuff but my favorite thing is not boring people telling them what my favorite stuff is.  Part time job answering phones and then hanging up after I am done talking to the callers.  Enjoy life and hope to make reader smile or maybe think a little about life and living, or ice cream.