Have you heard about the 3rs’?  Reading, righting and rithmetic?  Or Reading, writing and arithmetic.  Which is only one R so go figure.  But life itself is a bunch of Re’s.  If not, then there is something wrong.  Sometimes life and its struggles –  remove.  A person hits a crisis and either picks up and goes on or crawls into bed and eats candy  sighing a lot.  During that whole time life is being reevaluated in sometimes conscious and unconscious ways.  Reinventing may occur or not.  It is always on life’s table to consume or pass on.  Sorting out the numerous paths to take is something the GPS of living is difficult to, well find.  Reconnecting.  Hopefully it is back on living, making choices, loving, hating, and all emotions that swirl around a living person begin again and continue.  Some do not reconnect and release them selves from life.  Maybe because they lacked reassuring hugs from time to time.  Revolving abounds between people, places and things.  A common mundane thought but true as true can be.  Revolving around sometimes shape a Re.  Here is a thought!  Change that to shapes a re and disregard, “sometimes.”  Re- Interested is an award or should be.  Just try to Provide re-interests that will be providing  good growth and not  rediscovering and replanting old garden weeds.  Reminder.  Positive can be negative and negative can be positive.  Recirculating a life can therefore be an electrical experience.  So be careful.  Watch those p’s and q’s and re’s.  Reinsert I before e; but be aware this rule can also be broken.  Now hugs for you in hopes that you remain living with the rest of us recyclers.