What school should your children go to?  This is a question every parent has.  The answer?   It really does not matter.  Every early school believes all children are empty vessels that will believe anything an adult will tell them.  Some adults teach about their religions.  What is learned depends on  what religion the family belongs to.  Of course their religion is the best.  Same goes for everything else.  Country of origin, neighborhood, local school district, ethnic background etc. for infinity.

Basically.  The early fundamentals of learning is more or less to find out the gullible from the non gullible children.  Making sure the non gullible fall into line so all will become gullible to a point.  Like patriotism, for example.  This is your flag, this is your country, your language and so on until totally brainwashed clean and programmed correctly.

Mostly math is pretty straightforward.  1+1=2.  Geography.  Ireland is here.  The oceans are there.  Science:  Air is everywhere and we need it to live.  Leaving most of the remaining subjects up for grabs depending again on Country, society, ethnic background and whatever else you may come up with.

Then of course there is the boy vs. girl schools.  Which I am not found of.  Early childhood interaction should be with every kind of child interacting with all  sorts of various interactions.  Then in later life let them choose which way to play out their lives.

Which brings me to High School.  High School should be more, how should I say, free for their expression; not the adults.  Although I do agree we need adults to guide them.  Mainly because of their hormones.  The first class in High School should be Hormones 101.  Then of course Biology for You 2, meaning boys and girls that will be men and women.  Alternative life styles maybe can wait until senior year.  If not mentioned somewhere between 7th and 12th grade.

College is the succubus of all.  The more expensive is the best even though basically all teach the same stuff.   I like the trade school idea.   Cut out the expensive bull crap courses and let the kids learn what they want to learn to help them do what they want to do.  Due to the job situation.  Fast Food 101 could be maybe very helpful.

Technology.  It is needed in all schools and taught as early as possible.  Classes like how to use technology and not walk into poles or in front of cars for the early learners; then go on from there.

How to make children understand the whole world.  Maybe travelling around the world for one whole year.  Not sure what grade this should be.  What do you think 11th or 12th grade or earlier.  Let us debate this one.

Finally.  Well!  There is no finally.  Education should be continuous and the best thing is some companies today are very aware of this and encourages it.  Banning books and other knowledge that only is approved by some governments or narrow minded whatever they are.  Not a good idea.  Open your mind to open education.   Everything is always changing.  So change and enjoy the changes.  This is something we all learned, especially  in the last 100 years.  So even though you think ice cream cannot get better.  Lick again!!!