Noah’s was not the first Ark on Earth.  Actually that is how the Aliens brought most of the stuff we have here on earth.  By Arks.  Unfortunately for Earth they were garbage Arks.  That is, things that the Aliens did not want on their planet.

Insect Arks were the first.  There were more than two of each, believe me.  Somehow they got them all on these Arks using Hugh sucking machines.  The Aliens did not want to kill them just get rid of them.  So the Aliens  sucked them off their planet.  Then they came to Earth and ejected them all over our planet.  Leaving their planet insect free.  So, since that worked so well they filled some more Arks with things like:

Unwanted animals, plants, and other species like well, humans.  All kinds of humans.  White, yellow, black, brown, red and mixed colors that got mixed while they were traveling to Earth.  Which is an entirely different story altogether.

How they got these humans was basically a practice of collecting them from all over then studying them on their planet.  Somehow they got too many because they began breeding and on and on.  So eventually they had too many and wanted to get rid of them.  Which also explains why every now and then they came back to check on how they were doing.  Like taking medical samples and putting tracking chips in them.

Therefore after the first Ark ended up with mixed colors.  The Aliens began bringing humans in separate colored Arks them dumping them.  Black Arks mostly landed in what is know as Africa.  Yellow Arks Asia.  White Arks Europe and that is what happened.  To also help stop the breeding while traveling to Earth the Aliens had the Adam, for males Arks and the Eve Arks for women.

It must be noted after dropping them off.  The Aliens did not care too much of the breeding’s that took place.   Just tracking them and they liked to watch them, like I pointed out earlier.

Recently they began dropping other animals like Bigfeet, Yeti’s, Justin Beavers, Lady Gog Gog’s, Talk show hosts and the Affleck men and ducks.