Sometimes people make up head stories.  Something will happen and their imagination goes wildly astray.  Jealousy is a big spark that gets the head stories going.  When someone is in lust especially.  Not love.  Lust.  A husband that cheats on his wife or a wife that lands a lover here and there.  Head stories galore make everyone suspect. Make sure the head story explains that it is all good and ok, even though it is not.   Unfortunately crime shows on TV show the results of these head stories.  Head stories grow lies amongst friends that would never lie to each other.  Why?  To keep the story going I guess.    Greed is a good head story.  Getting more for less or hardly nothing at all is the goal to this one.  Amazing how a friend will Ponzi another friend for a buck.  Then there are the Religion, political, and those half hour long advertisements on TV that will sell you anything your soul can buy.  How?  Head stories.  You got to have it or you will never be a friend of a Kardashian.  What stories do you store in your head?  Me.  I am like everyone else sometimes.  I have good stories and bad stories too.  I do tend to like love stories and stories that show people are good and truthful to each other.  Well.  I call them stories.  Others think they are fairy tales.