Fearing the blank.  Lots of people do this.  A writer staring at a blank page to fill.  A radio or TV show facing blank air space.  Artists agonizing inside their  blank minds wondering what to paint.

What is in my mind is that there is this line or word that will connects the artist.  Which may spark  the need to create, the want to create or just spontaneous creativity.

These smoldering ideas are there in us all but stronger in some than others of course.  Creativity and just what that is could be examined.  If a taxi driver discovers a new and better route.  Then is he being as creative as one who pens a new novel?  A baker with a better bagel?  An athlete or dancer with a new move or step?  Who are the artists?  Why do all these blank corners we fear exist?

So all must push on thru the blank.  Un-blank our foggy minds.  Clear up and use all our words, colors, ideas and actions. Let us stride on to whatever future blank will be thrown in front of us.  Fill in all the blanks.  Yet!  Make sure there will be plenty of blank left for future generations.  Which I am sure there blankety  blank will be.