A young child reads  a news article.  “Planes bomb  terrorists in retaliation for attacks on Paris and other parts of the world.  Terrorists claim that these attacks killed civilians and these retaliation bombings are inhumane, unacceptable and evil to all the people in the world.”  The child mused, ” I do not understand why the terrorists are so angry.  Especially since all they do is target and  kill civilians like me, my family and friends?  Why are they not inhumane, unacceptable and evil?  Is it like being taught in church that the really weak can kill easily, while being brave means turning the other cheek?  Did other religious leaders hold guns to peoples heads and say, “Recite what is in my holy book or I will kill you?”  Why do soldiers that fight terrorist not cover their faces?  They are not afraid to be seen I guess.  Do Terrorists cover their faces because they are afraid to be seen or recognized and are ashamed because of what they do?   Why do soldiers that protect me are always in the open, while Terrorists always hide?  My grandparents told me if you have to hide it is because you are ashamed or doing something wrong.  My one friend was made fun of because he would hit other kids then run before they could hit him back.  No one really thought very good of him.  Why do the terrorist believe the world should live in fear and hate?  While  I say the world should live in love and harmony?   My one teacher went to a country to help dig wells so the people there  could have water. She came back and told us that when they asked the Terrorists to help the Terrorists just poisoned the well.  Why are all the adults listening to the terrorists and not the children like me?”