How  Internet Providers help  “concerned” consumers get the speed  they are paying for by using the “Concerned Department which provides help and refunds!!!  This is the true chat room conversation.

Had a “concern” with my internet provider. Hope you enjoy the conversation: EDWARD: My Issue: After many hours/days this is last result of my internet speed. I am paying for 150mbps

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Rahul: Hello EDWARD_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Rahul. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Rahul: I understand the problem you’ve described and am happy to work with you to get this resolved ASAP! Thanks, let’s get started.

EDWARD: I was told the “concern” dept. would reimburse me for lost speed. I talked to friends on the phone and no one is getting what they are paying for.

Rahul: Just to ensure that I have understood the issue correctly, your internet is running . Is that correct?

Rahul: Running slow**

EDWARD: So we decided to take our “concern” to social media. Asking anyone with this “concern” to post their results.

EDWARD: There fore compiling a “concern” department of our own to fix this slow expensive speed we are paying for.

Rahul: My apologies for your continued frustration. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help resolve your issue. I’m sure we can work together to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.

EDWARD: do you think this will fix our “concern” and slow speed that comes from “Pittsburg” we believe for the “whole state of Pa.

EDWARD: Ha Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help resolve your issue. I’m sure we can work together to get this resolved for you as soon as possibleve been working almost 3 days and many hours and the only result I get is:

EDWARD: Ha is correct

Rahul: Edward, when did this issue start and did you perform any troubleshooting steps prior to this chat?

EDWARD: about 2 months ago

Rahul: May I know what all trouble shoot you have done prior to this chat ?

EDWARD: actually earlier when I “upgraded” to blast

EDWARD: after all this time you still do not know what I have done

EDWARD: I like the word “viral concern” for our new internet speed department

EDWARD: My wiifi speed is 14 mbps little slower than 150 also

Rahul: Edward, Are you connected wired or wireless?

EDWARD: My fellow retired veterans on disability are also getting into my “concern idea”

EDWARD: the list is growing as I type hope my other computer I am on doesn’t crash because of my slow internet speed. How is your concern dept doing on this

EDWARD: Oh I am very very very wired;

Rahul: Thanks for confirming. Would you know if the modem is going straight to a coax outlet or a splitter?

EDWARD: How do you not know this after a few months of this

Rahul: Edward, unfortunately I do not have access with your old chats right now.

EDWARD: Ansewered this question for multiple “concerned” chat workers

EDWARD: whatr did I answer then

Rahul: I would ask few question from you so that we can do some trouble shoot with this issue. Will this be fine for you ?

EDWARD: Nor the “concern”

EDWARD: How many people are being scammed by this

EDWARD: I’m getting quite a few, oh look there is another one coming on my blog

Rahul: I understand how frustrating this might be, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Rahul: Rest assured I will do everything within my means to address your concern today.

Rahul: To help us identify the cause of the issue and the correct steps to take, would it be fine to ask you a few questions?

EDWARD: Can’t count on that at all heard it over a dozen times.

EDWARD: The same ones I have been answering for days. oc mac 001DD56D9AS42 now how did I know you would need this

EDWARD: getting more feed back on my “concern blog” they like the Ha remark you made

Rahul: Edward, Is there a splitter or power strip/surge connected in between the modem and the wall outlet?

EDWARD: Let me guess don’t turn off my chat you are going to shut me down, and oh yeah the technical people are concerned about the outage also

EDWARD: No no no no no no/.

Rahul: Edward, Please do not worry I am not going to turn off your connection, I will also inform you before I trouble shoot from here.

EDWARD: I am starting to enjoy all the followers I am getting. They love this

Rahul: Could you please check Is there a splitter or power strip/surge connected in between the modem and the wall outlet?

EDWARD: No no no no no no look it up in the “concern dictionary” it is a negative word means something like NO!

Rahul: EDWARD, did you receive my previous message ?

EDWARD: followers liked that the capital NO

Rahul: Edward, it is directly connected to wall outlet

EDWARD: Yes the answer was no. I believe this is gong to confuse you more, you can read?

Rahul: I got confused because you said no for both the options.

Rahul: Thanks for confirming.

EDWARD: “Concerned” followers are taking a pool on if you will understand this

EDWARD: And we have a winner

Rahul: Edward, I am going to refresh the modem and send signals to the device. This may boost signals and improve the speed of the connection.

Rahul: Just a heads up, you maybe disconnected from this chat while I perform the steps. Please do not close this chat, you will be reconnected once the modem initializes. This may just take 2-3 minutes, please keep this chat window open.

EDWARD: Wow the follower in Philadelphia just sent me the same answer you did

EDWARD: this chat In its entirety will be copy and pasted to any social media I can find.

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Rahul: Welcome back.

Rahul: Edward, I would request you to please check your internet speed after 30 seconds.

EDWARD: My “concerned” fortune teller now says that you will send a message that says”Edward, I would request you to please check your internet speed after 30 seconds.

EDWARD: Then ask me to copy the URL

EDWARD: well do I have to copy the URL?

Rahul: Edward, I can understand your frustration I would request you to please cooperate with me so that we can do trouble shoot to make this done.

Rahul: No, I will not required the URL

Rahul: Could you please check what speed you are getting now.

EDWARD: I am concerned about you. You are doing a good job The company you work for executives make tons more than you will ever see I am on you side

EDWARD: Be honest every time I was asked to copy that. You know you will need it. That is what I started the chat with so you already have the results.

EDWARD: They have not changed but actually dropped a point or two

EDWARD: so what is my “CONCERN” now

Rahul: Edward, what I will do here is I will escalate this issue to our advance technical team and arrange a call back with resolution on higher priority.

Rahul: Will this be fine for you ?

EDWARD: Too late.

EDWARD: See you on Facebook.

EDWARD: Don’t bother to call I am tired of all this and concerned the cow dung you will try to give me on the phone will just “concern” me more.

EDWARD: Thanks do not take this personally Rahul I admire your patient and time and you said and did everything to not solve the problem like you were trained to do because your bosses are just not “concerned” about you or any of your fellow workers that do this on a hourly and daily basis. They do not pay you enough. Thanks and God bless.
Chumly Manka