I am not a preacher or any kind of religious type.  I noticed that there are religious conventions that always seem to say the same thing.  So I decided to answer some of questions that drive me to distraction.

Is God alive?  My grandfather answered this for me when I was 7 or 8 while fishing.  He said, “If there was no God we would not be fishing.”  My grandfathers name is Felix which means happy.  So why argue with a happy man.

Why did she/he die so young, in an accident or whatever?  I cannot remember the name but read somewhere that if 1,000 people are born there is a 100% chance that 1,000 people will die.  No guarantees how, when or why.

Is there a heaven and hell?  This depends on where you live.  What religion you want to follow and how much coffee you just drank or what drug you just took that triggered the thought in the first place.

Did Jesus really arise from the dead?  Not really important.   As long as someone believes he did, then he did.  If there is no one left to remember anything about Jesus then he will cease to exist.  As will Mohammad, The Dali Lama and George Clooney.

How real is the Bible?  Have someone pick up a Bible and smash you in the face really hard with it.  Then tell me if it is real.

Is there good in the world?  Unless you are lactose intolerant, ice cream is pretty good.

Is there evil in the world?  If you are lactose intolerant than ice cream could be.

Should Church and State be separate?  Church.  C h u r c h.     State.  S t a t e.   Yes they are spelled different and separately.

Is there really such a thing as evolution?  No.  We are all little tiny atoms with unbelievable imaginations.

How powerful is the Pope?  I am not sure how much can he bench press?  Find that out and you will know.

How can one avoid sin?  Never say the word or think about it.

If you have any questions that need answers just write me.  I have a lot of time on my hands and need a good laugh.