A lot of people today are disgusted with traveling.  Long lines, expensive carry on fees, backed up highway traffic.  The list goes on.  Cheer up!  Here are some reminders that all these things are not so bad compared to what the Ancient traveler had to face.

Hey Marcus how was your trip to Egypt?  “Pretty good until this guy Moses showed up!”

Sign posted in Roman Travel Agency:  Pompeii travel now is 1/2 the price.  Free volcano tours.

“Welcome to Atlantis.  Free hip boots are yours for the asking while staying at our fine luxury hovels”.

Viking Boat advertisement.   First class:  Gold or silver accepted.  Second class:  Large animals such as cattle or Hose accepted.  Third class:  4 small animals, for example: Rabbit, chicken, or any animals recently gotten on a hunt.  Working Class:  Experience on oars determines place.  Most experience get first choice.

Ancient travel tip:   Travel when you are young.  When you get back you will be old.

Sign in Egyptian Port of Arrival for ships:  Sorry but the boat leaving Sicily for Cairo  will be delayed for 6 months.

If anyone should die while traveling with us, relatives, friends or self.  The Ancient Travel Agencies will not be responsible for reimbursement.  That includes acts of piracy or crew mutiny’s.   Any person born while traveling will be charged a passenger fee 24 hours after birth.  (Which also is the reason some cabins or rooms are named “Births”  on ships or other conveyances).

If you should come across any other traveling information  for the Ancients you can email me.  Seriously I will probably delete them but if it makes you happy to send me anything go for it.