Ideas are not like snowflakes.  There are two alike.  Sometimes more.  Much much more.  Ok.  A real lot.  Inventions are a good example.  That is why the patent idea came to save all the confusion of chicken and egg.  Sorry.  Not in the mood to discuss whatever came first.

That is not what I want to write about.  I was thinking.  Why is it that humans will worship the truth?  In fact the search for the “truth”  has been around since ….. well I guess when someone thought up the idea of truth.   Seemed ok.   What bothers me is that humans are more passionate about lies.  Truth will be noble and a good thing.   Lies on the other hand need to be passionately defended to the death.  Truth never started a war.  Lies did.

Truth is liken to be a necklace of purity or perhaps a  backbone of religion.   Lies are  belts.   Woven to protect the ultimate lie in a holster waiting to be drawn.  Then the lie fires off a  bullet singing, ” I lie to protect truth.”  It is amazing how truth also needs to be protected by……. lies?  I cannot recall if ever truth protected a lie or lies.  If truth be told.  No.  You can tell the truth but truth cannot be told for some reason.  I think?

This all came to me when I just decided to watch a documentary.   I wanted  to find something to satisfy my urge for visual  knowledge.   Yep  my remote and me  thirsty for, not reality TV.   Just catching up on ……  heck.   I was wasting time and bored.

Now I am writing this to.  No one really.  I did also think that after 30 years of life humans start their descent into dementia.  Oddly some neurons spark some knowledge that seems there may be some hope.  Or maybe they are just electrical brain farts.  Old people do that a real lot.  Not just in the brain.

Like the one day I was feeling down and depressed because it was Monday and my miserable week was starting all over again.   My mother noticed my arms dragging on the floor and said.  “Hey!  Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you can’t dance!”