I always wondered about Jesus and his Jewish Mom.  According to the Jewish Comedy Bible.   Mary should be a more colorful character than what is written in the Holy Bible.

The way she is written about is like she was not really human but a Robotic Type Person with little emotion until the Crucifixion, which should be remembered only every 33 years to cut poor Jesus a break.

First off we learn Mary was a virgin.  OK.  If her personality was anything like she was written up in the Holy Bible that makes a lot of sense.  I can just see this conversation:

Mary:  Joseph.  God sent an angel to me.  I am now pregnant with Gods son.  He is going to save the world and be the Messiah.   Will you still marry me.  I’ll be quiet and pretty much invisible for the rest of the story.

Joseph:  Ok Mary.

Obviously Joseph also needs some Comedy Bible help.  When I say Comedy I really mean more human or a more Jewish responses.

Like maybe:  Joseph:  Oy Vey!  What kind of messugania you think I am?  Well.  The wedding is paid for,  we cannot get a refund so ok!  Your still a virgin right?  Ok.  (My apologies not Jewish; heard the words no idea how to spell them.  Hopefully you will get my meaning in a good way).

Remember when Jesus takes off for three days and Joseph and Mary find him in the temple?  What was that?

Mary:  Jesus.  We have been stressed out looking for you for 3 days.

Jesus replies going about my fathers business.

Which had to confuse Joseph at first because he was a carpenter and was maybe thinking he would get some work.  After Jesus says this the Comedy Bible Mary should have said something like:

Mary:  Where is your hat?  Didn’t you have a hat when you disappeared?  Find your hat and lets go.

I am only saying I think about this sometimes.