Well I kind of sorta not really explain death.

Somewhere at sometime I read on a bathroom wall.  “The second you are born is life the next second you start to die.”  My first thought was how long was the person sitting on the toilet to come up with that?   My second thought was, “that makes sense, kinda.”  My third thought was, “why is the toilet paper in this big round plastic thing.”  Then I thought, why does it keep getting stuck and coming out in fragments?  Upon reviewing this I pondered the correct use of “.

In order to explain death; I believe life would first have to be explained.  If there were no life than there would be no death.  Also if I am using ; properly………. Anyway.

How would someone explain what life meant to them after death.  John F. Kennedy might say being president was a mistake because he was assassinated.  Then again he met Merlyn Monroe and had a bunch of fun with other women and was married to Jackie.  So it was not all that bad.

Gandhi might reveal he really liked fasting because the food in India really sucked.  Elvis may reveal the way he moved on stage was because he was born with weak ankles and fell down a lot as a child.  So he might believe working with disabilities and accepting them led him to a great life.

The way I am thinking is that, everyone will live and have a different outlook on their lives.  Gender, social status, place or country of birth, time of birth and other factors will ultimately determine all.  Upbringing or religious factors also should be included.  Lets us also not forget sex.  First time experience with different or same sex.  First self sex experience.  Just to mention effects of life with or without sex.  This is about death not really sex.  Although some people live only for sex but that again is something else.  Or is it?

First exposure to death.  What is this and how does it effect the rest of ones life?  My first experience was when I was very young.  Back then dead uncles were put in coffins in the living rooms in the homes they lived in.  People would go to the hospital and be gone awhile then end up in the living room in these coffins.  My Uncle played Cowboys with us kids so I noticed he was sleeping without wearing a cowboy hat.  I got him one.  Put it on him and then my cousin and me shot him with our cap guns.  My Aunt came in screaming at us that he was dead.  We stood there with smoking cap guns and did the only thing we could do.  We shot our Aunt.  That episode in my life did not end well for either of us.  Especially my Uncle because we never saw him again.

What did this teach me about death?  Number one I murdered, killed my uncle.  Number two my Aunt was cap gun bullet proof.  Murdered or killed meaning shoot any one in a coffin bed and you will never see them again.  Plus you will not sit down anywhere for a time because of Mother Sheriff and Deputy Dad’s punishments.

So did this explain Death so far?   Not entirely.  I have more to explain.  Death has been written about for Centuries by well know and intelligent philosophers that coincidently….. are dead.

I will have more to write later on.  Unless I die in my sleep or get murdered by a cap gun. Oh!  I almost forgot I developed a fear of hospitals even up to this day.