In the year 2552 reincarnation was finally proven to be true. Three days later ads for Reincarnation Lawyers began to pop up. These lawyers
came about to insure that any property holdings one had in a previous life could
be transferred to the reincarnated persons new identity/life. Even better the reincarnated person could carry on with the former name in the previous life.
This also began reincarnation laws being written and upheld by the Supreme Court.

Thus began people writing wills in which they would leave themselves their property or finances to themselves in the reincarnated new life. This being a bit tricky because it usually takes 5 years to verify just what new person or personality has been reincarnated. 5 years which is Birth to 5 years. It takes that amount of time for the reincarnated awareness to set in. Then add another year to get the documentation needed to confirm the reincarnation. So the process itself takes 6 years.

After the initial death all properties are transferred to the Hall of Reincarnation and can be there for no more than 100 years without a reincarnation.

After that the property/finances are transferred to the Hall of Reincarnation. There is a limit. One can only leave property/finances to themselves no more than 10 times in a 500 year period; without a 100 year no reincarnation period.

There is a cost to be paid to the Hall of Reincarnation for getting a Reincarnation Property/Finance license. This fee is a percentage of the property/finances in question to be passed on after passing on. It could range
from 5% and up to 10% depending on the when, where and who of the new life. Basically it is determined by amount of the final income tax filed before each death. The Death Income table determines this and is explained on the form RIDF 1 thru 10. Re Incarnation Death Fees. 1 thru 10 which is number of reincarnations. For example for the first reincarnation it would be form RIDF1.
The second form RIDF2 for the second reincarnation and so forth.

Usually one can get this information thru the “You Can Take It With You.” ads.

For further information on this Reincarnation Subject you can also write to
Department of Reincarnation
600 Granite Ave.
Washington, DC 10041-8080
Attn: Reincarnation Laws

Packet sent will include a list of Lawyers, laws explained and necessary forms.
Fees will be waived if one is a Mayor of a city, State or Federal Congressman or Senator. Governor of State or Territory within the United States and of course President and Vice President of the United States.

Please note:
If one passes and leaves a wife or children then reinstatement of family forms must be filled out. If murdered by spouse then the reincarnated one can opt out on reinstatement forms. SOB laws can also apply if newly reincarnated persons life was ended in a domestic dispute.