Before there was a nukey bomb. When President Truman told a bunch of people calling themselves the Axis Power. Something about raining down animation and devastation never seen before. Or some words to that in-effect. The Axis group of people kind of laughed and really had no idea what the heck that piano playing U.S. President was talking about. After Truman played the nukey tune. The Axis people thought. Oh that is what ol’ Truman meant. Then the thought following that reaction was, “How can we get one of those?”

Forward to President Trump. He told North Korea to prepare for fire, annulation, devastation and other bad stuff. Or words to that in-effect.
This time North Korea knew what President Trump meant because they had one of them nukey things that they are itching to use. Kind of like. We have the ping-pong table. We have the ping-pong paddles. We have ping-pong players. Now we are ready to play with our nukey style ping-pong balls.

A nukey war, everyone knows, is not good for children and worse for adults fighting that war. Plus it needs to be mentioned that it does not help the flowers grow.

So while the world turns, words are being flashed back in forth in the fake and real news media. This news only makes sense to the people that like the fake news and people that like the real news. Although no one knows for sure what news is what. I believe the news is a spinning top toy that will not end well for anyone.

Someone once told me if I was around a long time ago. My neighborhood neighbors would have been the Native Indians. I probably would have got along with my Native American neighbors. Plus the Native Americans would exist in larger numbers today. Then they asked me, “Do you think slavery would have existed in that world?” I thoughtfully or unthoughtfully said,
I am not sure? I guess you would have to ask the Native Americans!”

So with a bunch of silly words, paragraphs and punctuation. That is that.
Whatever! Just remember no one lives forever. Planets will burn out and some will be left barren or destroyed. So, like that song WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? Universal Politics will always find a way to kill all the flowers, destroy all the adults and murder all the children. The good news.
The closer one is to the blast or the nukey zero area; the quicker the death and the least pain. If you want proof. Ask former survivors of nukey bombing experiences. The dead nukey people….. as always will tell no tales.