What would you do if you were President?

I cannot believe the devastation in Texas. I can believe how people came together. Disasters tend to bring out the best of people during a crisis. I kind of wish the flooding will subside very slowly so the goodness inside all will stay a little longer.

I noticed the President did get the proper help to the people. I also caught something that happened which got me into thinking. (Which my sister always warned me that thinking gets me into trouble).

The President and his wife were there as expected. He made some good remarks and was very supportive. The First Lady was also verbally supportive. At the same time. The Vice President and his wife not only had given verbal remarks, but they actually put on gloves and were moving debris, tree branches I believe. Seeing them doing that was very uplifting.

Watching them working they seemed sincere and not just doing a photo Op. I could not picture the President and First Lady doing that. Then again the risks of the President and First Lady getting hurt or dirty with tainted water is a big concern.

Plus I also wondered. The President has a Airplane, Air Force one. My question is does the President have a boat? Maybe a yacht or pontoon boat with a cover. It should also have a BBQ for snacking while sailing. I would like to name the boat Floatus, or US Navy One. Simply because it goes with Potus and Flotus. What do you think? If you know the answer please let me know. Also let me know where they fish. Plus, what kind of bait do they use? Thanks.