Have you noticed words have gone askew? I ask you why are words gathering in clicks? If examining a bunch of naturally nature words, you may find these words. Trees, forests, grass, mountains, valleys, animals, or a quick grey fox jumping over something.

A watered down liquid theme will include oceans, drops, streams, rivers, fish, frogs, lobsters, waves and waterspouts spouting all over the sea of wet words. What I am hoping for you to observe is that certain words travel in groups then surround a thought, idea, or theme.

Thinking about pondering paragraphs and sentences lining up words. I would like to unravel some secret word clubs. Clubs that knock around a finite class of words that carry on in a boxed social or unsocial word gathering consistent lone ideal.

Basically the rule is certain words belong only to certain ideas. Excluding the, this, that and where and what from the merry-go-round of words. One may find structuring and building on the communication of words may cause some printed or verbal words to become homeless.

Therefore let us keep segregated words separate but firmly used in the proper context of the thoughts the words belong to and only that. This episode of words will cease to exist with this final period thusly acknowledged as .