Once in awhile I drink too much coffee and cannot sleep for a few days. That is also about the time I think of our space brothers that visit our earth every
now and then. What I was thinking, do Aliens have pets? Do the pets travel on the UFO’s with them? What kind of pets are they.

To find out I got into my paralyzing dream state. Sometimes I get a telepathy mind phone call from way way out there. Way way way out there. Note one has to
get way way out there to communicate on certain Alien conversational connections.

This time an Alien that goes by the space hanger name Bennie was available.

According to Benny. There are pets on UFO’s. To take care of them the Aliens
use some of our Astronut ideas. To keep them watered or hydrated. They recycle and filter water from their bodies and also pets bodies. The pets take to this better then our astronuts and the Alien travelers. Food is in like pill or small cubed form that contains every nutritious need. This also cuts down on solid waste. Cats do not need cat pans because of this and dogs don’t need to be tethered outside the UFO craft to void in the void.

The problem is if male and female pets are on the same UFO RV, they still do mate. This was learned on early trips to earth or wherever. To prevent over pet crowding. Extra pets were left on earth.

Now Aliens from all over did not only have cats and dogs for pets. They have all kinds of diversity in their pet domination. To make a long story less boring. Most pets were dropped off in Africa and Australia. Which explains
lions, tigers, snakes, insects, yes insect are Alien pets. Insects are small, useless space pets. Easy to store but really get into their insect space orgies and reproduce an reproduce and reproduce and……well, I think you get it.

After the Alien Animal Relocation Society got involved. Alien pets start being abandon; relocated on earth, in more suitable environments, on earth, according to the pets needs after getting bounced out of the Space Ships. Actually there are more rules about safely ejecting pets than other life form like the Alien Greys. Lizzard like Aliens do not like to be compared to the lizard pets strewn across Earth. Like earthlings do not like to be compared to monkeys. Lizzards do not like to be compared to animal lizards on earth. They did make a movie called “Planet of the Lizards.” It was about future Alien Lizzards going to a planet and, Hey! Just go rent it you will not be disappointed.

Anyone reading this may be thinking are all animals on land and sea discarded UFO Pets? The answer is an overwhelming yes! Most plants also. Forgot about the UFO plants. Usually taken on the UFO’s for esthetic reasons. Plants, vegetables, wheat, barley, oats were pre-planned experiments and attempts to continue having a ready beer supply. Refer to “The True fictional Alien Guides,” that are in UFO libraries and starting to get published on earth. Look up cave dwelling aliens and “Who gave the Egyptians the idea to work for beer?”

I know this may be hard to swipe out of the ol’ cat litter pan. What one has to remember is that this was ongoing for over millions of years. Please also note the bigger the UFO usually had the biggest pets. Like the dinosaurs, whales, elephants and such. This also explains the mistake of leaving these large animals on earth. The UFO Animal Society saw how these animals were overcrowding earth and had to be, “left on farms on Jupiter and Saturn.” That is what they told Alien Children.

Any more questions? Please don’t ever worry about getting answers. You just won’t get them.

I hope you enjoy your hand me down space pets. Be sure to love and take care of them. The UFO pets had a long trip getting here. Once here they were orphaned. Which was good for some that adapted and survived on their own and not others.

One last thing. For survival pets start eating other pets after being on Earth for awhile. I think it had to do with something in the water here on Earth. The salt or fresh water. I just do not know. Maybe those mineral springs?