The news never shows dead babies after a thermonuclear attack. Basically because there is no one to take the picture or care. World War I,(WWI), gave birth to War because nations were entangled with other nations. If one nation
was in a war like situation then that nations friends would jump in to defend or whatever was needed to protect and serve. Throw in an assassination and here comes the bombs.

World War II, (WWII). The war started about the same as WWI. Nations protecting and serving other nations being attacked. Throw in a surprise attack killing and destroying military stuff also helps disturb the peace.

If the leadership of one country wants to start a war it is relatively simple.
Fake and invasion. Make the enemy super evil. Invade the country to get renewable resources free. Also throw in a plan to Assassinate a leader.

Reasoning the start of a war.

Maybe the nation that needs to start the war is in economic distress. A Dictator needs war to open factories creating weapons of war and war employment. Maybe a leader is unpopular and a war would take the focus off that leader. With everyone caught up in war sometimes political issues get swallowed up and forgotten.

Lets say for example. A leader gets elected by illicit dealings with a foreign country. The foreign country would like nothing better to bring down that leader and that country. The desperate now unpopular leader picks a small country and makes it become “evil”. This country doesn’t have much but a fairly good bunch of destructive military junk. The buddies of that small country then squeeze the unpopular leader. It would not be good if they confessed that the election they assisted in illegally would be made world wide. This could destroy the unpopular leader. So the unpopular leader goes on a “peace” trip to these countries. The unpopular leader and assisting countries form a fake incident that would lead to fake news. The result a fake war.

Sadly real or fake. War is not good for children as was printed earlier. Unpopular leaders become popular leaders. War sends the bill to be paid by a family sitting down to dinner as a bomb drops on their home.

Thank the Creator of all. This is not going to happen…..or will it?