Yesterday there was normal humor. Married with children drew laughs when Kelly was pinched, groped and violated. This was normal on a lot of TV shows in the past. Everyone laughed and no one gave it a second thought. In fact TV violated minorities indiscriminately on purpose. The only thing that held true. The bigger the comical violations made; the higher ratings soared over that rainbow. The audience was not held accountable but pampered to laugh at the female victim.

The question is: Should the audience admit that their past behavior was unforgiveable? Like Louie, Trump, Spacey, and other evil celebrities that have owned up to these depravities. It is feasible then that audiences should be held accountable also? After all how many complaints were made to stop this sexist behavior? The excuse, that was taught, learned, shown, highlighted, laughed at and mowed over acceptable TV. What kind of Animal House was going on?

The times are a changing is being sung all the USA. This includes everyone and every thought spent in the past. Loud voices may be interpreted as positive change. Movies will give more r-e-s-e-p-c-t to women. No more gay sex change marriage jokes. Those jokes will be reduced to cow dung to be shoveled away.

What exactly will be future audience culpability? That cell phone will be ready to point out actors, athletic players, politicians and Pee Wee Herman’s again and again. Responsible viewing will be the norm. Except for porn. Porn will always be acceptable depravity.

What is happening then is a desensitized viewer. Maybe a sensitized viewer. The human condition learned in the past is switching to present good behavior entertainment.

This new remedy will not birth Louie’s, Trumpets, Spaces, and other pedophiles tuning into evil junk stuff.

So I apologize. I laughed and was taught back then that the pinching women’s butts was not only ok but demanded in order to get a smile and laugh. To be really honest if I ever did exercise this behavior my five older sisters would beat the crap out of me. To prove I have changed I typed crap instead of shit.
Which is an appropriate ending to behavior eaten and digested in the buried past.