There is a new illness sweeping across the global empire of men and women kind.

It began to gain attention during some “sessions” of The United States Congress and Senate. It is also gaining popularity in Colleges, Universities, Grade Schools, classrooms, court rooms and criminals on witness stands. It is also beginning to be spread through religion based information and ideals.

This illness started in prisons and organized criminal activities. Originally being a political illness. It is continuing to spread like peanut butter on toast. Thus forgetting entirely about the jelly. Which is a way in trying to explain this pandemic anomaly.

It can begin at a very early age. A child does something wrong like drawing artwork on living room walls. When the child is confronted and asked the question, “Who did this or Did you do this?” The child answers, “I don’t know.”
As the child grows the answer evolves into, “I don’t remember.” As opposed to pointing the guilt to another household member.

Marriage Selective Dementia usually happens between husbands and wives or wives and husbands. Some scenarios to Selective Dementia in marriage would be, “Why did you get home so late from work”. “Where are the children and Did you take them to their music, doctor, or school appointment?” Answering I do not remember raises eyebrows. Thus sometimes this could become complicated to identify because Alcohol Dementia sometimes is the answer to these type of questions. Plus also contacting the police missing person sections could result. A few drinks after work or lunch with friends type answer does not qualify for selective dementia. Most Marriage Dementia answers are sometimes hiding activities. The accused may be actually playing golf or going to a sporting game or having an affair that creates deflections to not remembering. Marital Dementia may seem to be a part of the Selective Dementia process but more study on this needs to be done.

Focusing on Selective Dementia is far more easier to diagnose. The person suffering from Selective Dementia, unlike just telling lies, stories change from moment to moment. It all depends on the question asked and content of information needed to be answered. Plus the fact that the only thing forgotten is a certain question or subject. Everything else is crystal clear in the afflicted persons memory. For example. “Did you mingle and talk to everyone at the office party? Answer yes. “So you even mingled with that newly hired woman/man that is so attractive? I don’t remember, would be the selective dementing dementia answer.”

One sterling example of Selective Dementia is when a serial killer kills 11 people but for some reason cannot recall the 12th to 15th victims. Also a business person going to England on a business trip. The business person cannot remember how a picture of him/her was taken in Russia with Putin. Good Selective Dementia answer. “I do not recall!” When further information about the trip to England is asked. The person can remember what they ate and the exact time of every meal. The person also can recall the waitress or waiter, what they wore, the time and how many dust flakes they saw when the sun shined threw the window they were sitting by. The trip to Russia. Total Selective Dementia. “I do not remember.”

If any of this sounds familiar please contact the Center for Selective Dementia. The information can be gotten from the Attorney General of the US or for that matter any political member of Congress or the Senate of the US. Passing this information on to friends, relatives, aliens, or enemies would be appreciated.

Thank you.