Little to nothing is known about Alien Planet Politics.  Mostly because some of the Alien Cultures on other Planets do not have what we call Government or Political Parties.  The Aliens do party but not in the Political way.
If we happened to visit one of these Alien Planets and asked them to take us to their leader.  They would probably take us to Jeff.
Alien Jeff is not so much a leader as he is a Historian or Librarian.  Jeff  therefore is the one with all the information needed to understand Alien stuff that we do not.  Which brings us back to our leader question.  Aliens do their own thing, sort of.  All Aliens are in charge of something. Jeff for information.  Zyclops has all the information you need about Alien animals.  Animals is also something that will be discussed in a future section of this book.  As of now Zyclops  went somewhere else.  That is what they told me when I asked where Zyclops was.  There answer was, “Zyclops is somewhere else”.  Somewhere else means not there.  Most likely Zyclops is on the way to another planet doing something.  Doing something means  most likely that it has to do with Animals.
Then there is GeeEee who takes care of anything related to which Alien takes care of what.  One would go to GeeEee and ask for instance where would one go to get information about, say travel information.  GeeEee would then refer the questionnaire  to Barbaah.  I know this is complicated but for now Jeff and GeeEee would be our first choices to get information about their planet.  What is the name of their planet?  &UR is the one in charge of planet names and would not give out the information unless we actually lived and had a sort of residence on the planet we want to know the name of.  Aliens are very secretive.
Trying to wrap ones head around leadership or political stuff is difficult because everyone is the leader of something.  Meaning all Aliens are leaders in their own right.  Therefore “take me your leader,” would probably get you and answer like, “Which one?”  Think it as sort of a telephone operator plugging you into the Alien with the information you want.
Confused?  You should be.  After much trial and multiple questions on Politics or Government I kept getting *Oram^ the leader of stupid questions.  One time I was given a sort of tree looking thing that kept trying to eat my hair on top of my head.  So be careful.  Especially if you are bald I am not sure what hair they will then eat.
My apologies for lack of an answer.  The best thing that can happen is next time you are abducted you may get an Alien on a planet that actually has an answer to Outer Space politics. Which may or may not have a leader or so called King or President.
One more thing the Aliens do also have Show and Experience Aliens. They demonstrate parts of Alien life activities.  Warning do not ask for a sex demonstration.  If you do you will be in for an Alien Probing.  Then you will finally ending up in a large big sticky slimy rainbow colored blob. You will have to somehow squirm out of and that takes time.  Do not worry to much it does not smell and kind of tastes like strawberry Jello.