I was once told that one should not converse in public about Religion and Politics.  Since I heard this and processed it over in my feeble brain,  I was about 10 years old.  I decided that I would talk about Religion and Politics.  The What and How I am still wrestling with.  The following are questions and other ruminations that have flowed thru and around my brain like snow flakes falling into bodies of water.  That is disappearing very soon after diving into the water.  The snow flake religious and political junk in the refuse dump in my brain is what I am referring to.

One big question erupted upon seeing thousands of people walking around a big square thing somewhere not in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Somewhere in the Mid or Far East near a desert country where the  people bow down fully on the ground.  Most of them wearing white.  First off there were so many people I wondered where did they park their transportation vehicles?  How much did it cost to park?  Did they have daily, monthly or weekly rates?  What was the fee rules?  Individual or car load parking fees? Was it free parking on certain Holidays or festivals of religious events?

Then there was those white clothes.  Did they buy them at like a Religious Army Navy type store or Uniform Clothing place?  Were the clothes washable or did they need to be dry cleaned?  Was there a special section for women and children?

A confusing religious thing also bothered me like a mosquito flying at night near my ear.  Catholics believed in Jesus.  Protestants believed in Jesus.  Then a whole world of Jesus worshipers like Presbyterians, Evangelicals, and a bunch more believed in Jesus.  Yet.  Even though the all believed in Jesus they disliked each other.  They were like baseball, football or basketball teams in the league of Jesus battling each other for the Jesus Christ Trophy.  Plus the fact that Jesus was Jewish which lead me to believe all the Jesus lovers were Jewish.  So what was the deal on that?

Then there were the comic book religions about Thor and Roman and Greek Gods.  Which I seriously first read about in comic books.  The Classic Comic book series were my favorite go to reads.

Let me not forget about religious music.  Southern Baptist music rocks.  Catholic and some Protestant music.  Boring and kind of sleepy type tunes.  Do not get me wrong some are beautiful but kind of slow and downer type stuff.  I was dismayed to find out that Fiddler on the Roof Music was not played at Jewish services.  I thus prefer to leave it at that.

It mystified me that more people did not wear sandals to church services.  Long hair was frowned at and men were suppose to  be short haired.  Which has changed somewhat.  Suits and women covering their heads slowly disappeared.  This all happened when the Catholics dropped Latin services and began to have services in the prominent language of the society passing the collection basket.  Opting out of the Latin did not change people napping during sermons.

The 10 Commandments and 7 Deadly Sins I learned about were not sometimes laws you could get arrested for as in legal laws leading to prison.  Avarice for instance.  What exactly is  that?  Are there Avarice Police?  Sloth.  What did they do?  Sure they are slow animals and maybe their claws are a little long but hey!  Sloths?

Murder and stealing I understand.  Coveting I thought was needed to produce children or offspring.  Can males not covet only women?  If so that means men coveting men and women coveting women is legal!  Just no opposite sex coveting.  Capitalism is like  Coveting, so is Democracy in trouble?

Jesus was a fun loving love everyone type of guy; or son of God being human for thirty some years.  How then do Inquisitions  and Crusades fit into all of this?

I guess I have mostly questions as you can tell by reading this.  That is what religion is suppose to be questions, not a lot of answers but endless oceans of faith.  Last time I checked my religious faith meter I had questions.  Have faith in my country or have faith in my religion.  What was more important and justly legal?

This all just keeps getting murkier and murkier to me.  Strangely millions of people believe in some kind of religious organization.  Atheists, to me, are just people that do not believe in anything because then they do not have to be responsible for anything.  Which also leads me to believe they like riling up Religious people because to them it is fun.  That kinda then is a belief.  Say to a Religious person you are an Atheist and they believe that will rile up the Religious individual.   Usually it does.  Then adding hey as an atheist I am your enemy.  Are not you suppose to love your enemies?  Unfortunately those kind of discussions lead to the Inquisitions mentioned earlier.

Time to cut this sermon, idea or whatever I am sadly failing to say, short.  With that if you have any ideas leave a comment.  Which is ok if you do not.  I will understand that you also believe in not discussing religion or politics.