Circling the drain.  Seems to be  a bad thing.  As if someone is giving up or drowning in life.  Not so.  Drains are meant to flush or help remove garbage by washing them into drain pipes which lead to the ocean.  Maybe not the ocean but sewers and foul waterways.

Circling the drain then, to me, means washing away bad or unwanted things.  Definitely positive.  For instance if I have problems I could send them circling down the drain.  Wash away bad days.  Garbage dispose unhealthy feeling and doubts.  Grab that spray thing on that hose and fire away at distress and bad vibes.

It is all a exercise in perspective.  Ok.  Maybe I am being a bit optimistic.  What is wrong with that.  I think we need a bit more uplifting thinking.  Foolish thinking and unrealistic ideas and thoughts  may spout.  If so then let them spout and grow yourself a more beautiful existence.

After the forbidden fruit was devoured in the Garden of Eden or whatever garden that incident may or may not have happened.  There was a positive outcome.  It was not total punishment.  Flowers continued to grow and other beautiful things began to flourish.  I think a sense of humor may have been thrown in to the mix.

Sure there are not a lot of jokes in the Bible or Koran.  If one thinks about it maybe there are.  For instance.  Jesus is at a wedding.  Everyone is having a good time and then Mary, Jesus’s mom, notices.  Hey! This wedding is getting very low on wine.  People are having a good time and so am I.  Maybe Jesus can keep this party going.  So Mary goes to Jesus and says.  Hey son we need more wine.  Jesus replies it is not his time.  Well Mary must have said something to change his mind.   She got him to do the water and  wine thing and the wedding party continued.   Plus he makes the super best wine.  Maybe the Holy Grail is the cup Mary kept after drinking that wine he made.

Next time you find yourself circling the drain.  Remember it is a good thing.  Have some wine and sit back like Mary and remember the good times and stuff.