Television is not big with Alien lifestyles. In their past something like Television did exist but has out grown its use for them. Now they do watch and observe earth Television, but Alien lifeforms are more interested in the science and radio waves that are massive occurrences on Earth. As Alien bodies and minds evolved, and were improved by their science. Entertainment gave way to invention, education and useful technology. Another reason is that after thousands and thousands of years they ran out of new stories to tell. Stories were basically the same and became boring as lifespans increased. Space travel and exploration gave way to all the other nonsense that was just a waste of time. Just try to think that if your lifespan was hundreds of years how many re-runs of Seinfeld can you really want to watch over and over again.

Other factors like a change in sexual behavior and reproduction techniques made what we call porn obsolete. If nobody is doing it. How pornographic is watching doctors and scientists put things in tubes or other things to make life reproduce. Not to mention reproduction material is kind of small and nude sperms and eggs just do not illicit the need for lingerie or money shots. It can be noted that for a short time the sperm entering the egg had a small burst of excitement for Aliens but it soon lost it’s allure.

Music on the other hand is still popular with Alien life and even dancing is still preformed and enjoyed. Space Static is music to the Alien brain. As are all forms of sounds. Although musical instruments are rare because the music is created by musical thoughts Aliens produce individually. They then share this music telepathically to each other and eventually they dance to their musical brain waves. A side effect to this music is that it actually enhances future developing thoughts and inventiveness in Aliens.

How the Aliens view TV is more of a fascination to how humans react to this now extinct activity for them. The Aliens use TV for a lot of their abducting because they have learned that TV can nullify a human and hypnotize them into sleep periods. Thus it is easier to keep humans passive and can make the abducting experiments go faster, safer and with less memory because of the dream sequences humans have. Animals on earth of course do not own or produce TV shows but are not like the Aliens. Alien physiology and advanced brains or thought processes have concluded the uselessness of television. Animals do not have a mental capacity to like or unlike television. Animals are more interested in food for survival and reproduction. Although some animals seem to watch TV. The concept of what exactly is going on in the animals brain is somewhat elusive and mystifying.

Aliens have also surmised that television is more than just entertainment. Humans use television for information as in the form of news. Education or educational documentaries were acknowledged by the Aliens. Which was seen in a positive light. What distresses and confuses the Aliens are commercials and shows that entice the humans to completely shun the reality of the commercial and believe just about anything. The concept of “truth” astounds the Aliens and completely baffles their brain processes. Television commercials can make any human believe anything; is also an observance noted by Aliens. Thus they place humans high on the gullibility list.

Did Aliens confuse television with religion? In the beginning. Celebrities were confused as Gods for a short while. Crime shows like “Car 54 where are You” were mixed up as being real news. As did “Dragnet”, and “Barney Miller”. So. Conversation, among Alien life forms, still continues as to what exactly is TV to humans, as well as the meaning of some shows.

In concluding this television confusion for Aliens. Research will still go on with Aliens. There will also be more humans abducted as they sleep watching “Wheel of Fortune” or Presidential speeches.