Hollywood is the Rome of the Church of Celebrity.

Millions flock to California to try and get accepted to this religious endeavor that devours only the lucky few that are chosen.  Unlike other churches this is not one a person joins.  Rather it is a church that a person is chosen to belong to.  Present members have a say in who joins and when.  Rules are taken seriously and the burdens of the church fall directly on the individual members.

The Church of Celebrity commandments:

Honor Directors and Producers for theirs is the backbone of The Church.

Thou shalt not retain false agents.

All Church of Celebrity seekers  must covet and succumb to being coveted by anyone that has the power to covet.

All must pay dues thru the coveting process.

Beware all Ye who seek  fame and fortune and be prepare to immerse body and soul into the heart of Celebrity.

Prostrate all during and attending the Mass of Audition.

Thou shalt not define sexuality unto others but  acknowledge openness if required.

Be sure to make all connections holy and join the correct Temples associated with the Church of Celebrity.

Honor fathers and mothers by keeping journals if a child of celebrity.

Choose the path of the Celebrity Sacraments.  Music, Acting, Artist, or any Celebrity Sacred Profession  associated with Celebrity.

Partake of The Press Communion and be aware of all the Press Apostles.

Everything is acceptable in the Church of Celebrity but rules change constantly and therefore rules are transparent and can cause ejection from the Church.

Marriage is a higher form of the Church of Celebrity if maintained and approved  as “The” Marriage.

Always keep in step with the Cardinal Lawyers, Queen and King Celebrity, Ushers of Productions, i.e. stage hands or camerapersons and  Bishops of Scripts.

Kneel before wet cement to impress others that view Celebrity monuments or sidewalks.

Adhere to the Bibles of Celebrity publishing’s in written or broadcast forms on cable, satellite or other TV, computer or communication devices.

Be aware of A, B, C, etc. celebrity status and give honor to the one assigned to each member.  Advance to higher levels by following the above rules.

Everything connected  to the Church of Celebrity  is subject to change instantaneously without notice.

Always keep secret the Sects or Secret Rules of the Church of Celebrity which are not allowed to be publish at this time or ever.

Maintain a Celebrity following.  Respect and honor them to continue in the Church of Celebrity.  Implement the Bodyguard Knights of the Celebrity Roundtable because there are some real crazy ass people out there.