I didn’t do it?


I didn’t do it!


Why  do humans need to have Aliens come to Earth from other Planets?  Simply  because humans are always trying to blame someone or something else for mistakes and need outer space visitors for blaming stuff humans cannot explain.   The Theory of “I didn’t do it,” ranks right up there with String Theory, e=mc2, and if Hitler did escape from Germany he is definitely dead now.

This may seem to bother the Aliens from Space but frankly they do not give a President Trump, or Democrat Party.

Like the line above nothing humans do make sense to our out of space neighbors.  Plus there are no Boarder Guards in outer space.  Anyone ever see a earth check point satellite out there or check point space station?  Of course not.  Therefore outer space beings have a free reign to anyplace on Earth.

Why don’t we see Space people a lot?  If you can imagine what we perceive them to look like the answer is, “like hey duh!”   They have light bulb heads, big black eyes, very little specks of nose and little or no mouth.  Weird big belly like bodies with thin legs and arms with less than 5 fingers.  If kids are made fun of when they enter kindergarten because they have freckles, red hair or have a mental of physical deformity and are fodder for bullies.  Please imagine the bulling the outer space aliens would get right off the bat.  If not hit with a bat.  Note I am not making fun of freckles, mental or physical deformities but just pointing out the inhuman nature of early onset of a childlike humans.  Which sometimes is grown out of  and sometimes not grown out of humans as they age.

Then there is the modern thought process.  If we cannot build those pyramids or make precise cuts in stone walls.  Then it has to be aliens.  This is just modern man  saying that  earlier humans can never be  smarter then present modern man.

Let us not forget Alien implants.  Todays UFO experts firmly believe humans are taken up by Aliens.  The Aliens do medical experimentations, fiddle about human special parts and poke around in human brains.  Then like a scientist tracking a monkey in Africa the Aliens put implants in humans to keep track of them.  This is not even close.

Consider flying around in a space craft.  There is going to  be some kinds of garbage that eventually will have to be ejected into space from the space ship.   Aliens have a contraption that reduces all their garbage into a sort of dust like form.  Including old electronics that become useless.   These particles are like bottles thrown in the ocean.  They float around and some end up getting gravity pulled into various planets after years and eons being in space.  They fall into these planets like in a dust like meteor shower and sometime are ingested by humans.  This is done when the space garbage dust gets into fruits and vegetables,  wheat, barley and animals which is then ingested by humans.  Since beer is made from some of this stuff the percentage of ending up in a human is raised.

If an Alien wants to really track a human they need something like a tag that is put on a fish or animal or a collar.   They aliens came up with an invention called, “sneaker.” The aliens provided humans with the sneaker invention thru telepathy implanting the invention into a human mind.  The materials in sneakers have an outer space material that serves as a undiscoverable tracking devise.  The sneakers that light up when walking is an advanced tracking device.  Pierced earrings also are a tracking device of the aliens made up of material that humans cannot detect.  These are just some examples computers and other electronic devices are being used more and more.  In the future cell phones will replace the sneaker.

How do I know all this?  I was born in 1952.  There was an explosion of sightings that year and my mother and family would always tell me I could not be a part of this earth. What gave me away?  Not sure but everyone I meet seems to think I am different and think differently then them.  Which is different than being normally indifferent to undifferent ways of an existing as different.  Which is definitely outer space alien thinking!


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