God is always getting blamed for doing bad things. God is always responsible for floods, death, bad weather and terrible leaders. Once in awhile God does good things. Nobody remembers because bad things make better action games and movies.
That being said. I saw on the internet that a homeless man was asked to leave a McDonalds Fast, kinda food place. As he was leaving I noticed he had food and fries with his meal. Which confused me because as long as one gets fries isn’t that a good thing?
A long time ago African Americans were protesting a lunch counter down south. That was a good thing. Unfortunately their protest did not include “homeless people.” Thus McDonalds was justified in calling the police. If one homeless man ate there than tomorrow there would be 2 and who knows how many after that. Fries are meant for people that live in homes and drive cars. Plus if ” The homeless” get food from McDonalds and cannot finish their meal on the streets; they have no garbage can to trash left over fries.
So! Wake up people and support McDonalds ban on Homeless People eating in their Fast Food Churches. Please do not get me started on Handicapped Homeless People. Also, I think those stolen shopping carts they use should be inspected every year. Shopping Carts should be registered just like any vehicle that can be pushed, pulled or whatever it takes to move them. Shopping Cart insurance should be mandatory because I am sure there have been Shopping Cart accidents.
Thank you McDonalds for making sure sub humans are not allowed in High class facilities like yours. Those Golden Arches do not represent the bent over backside of civilization. Which if one looks at it from a certain view…….

No, no, no! You McDonalds an us. We must stick together to make America Great Again.