Observing some observations . I came across this little thought nugget. Recently a good friend of mine made a mistake and brought home a pizza that was carried upside down. It was not a frozen pizza but a pizzeria pizza made by a pizza professional. It was also not a returnable pizza. Which some pizza places advertise they will replace if one does not know how to carry a pizza safely to his/her home. Since this person was on the top of my good friend list we had a good laugh and joked about the topsy turvey delivered pizza.
A number of days passed and someone I am not very fond of. This person is not a noted friend but more of an irritation. Somewhat like an unwanted itch that constantly needs to be scratched because of its bothersome existence. This poor excuse of I person, that I negatively carry in my head.  Had also brought home a pizza. Also not being properly educated in the carrying and delivering of pizza. This delectable meal was carried sideways like a book under the deliverers arm. Needless to say there was a cheese slide occurring in the pizza box. Instead of the laughable reaction there was more of a catastrophic response. A harsh and colorful negative wording of the situation concerning the pizza delivered.
What I observed in my observance. The good friend pizza situation was more positively accepted. The unacceptable friend was more likely to be criticized and harshly unrewarded.
Confronted with this. I was dismayed at my different reactions. We are all equal in the great Creators eyes. From childhood to birth we are taught to treat all equally. Yet! Human errors of judgement and morals sometimes pop up like brain pimples.
Enlightened by this. I have reasoned and concluded for delivered pizza in the future. I will leave it up to the professional pizza deliverer rather than personal relationships deliverer which effects the delivery to the deliverer.