Humans are always looking for truth that is solid and non-wavering. A purpose or ideal idea that can be grasped and held unwavering as it is held up to uncompromising certainty. Which may bring words to be overused and inaccurately spoken without malice as forethought may be lacking in its distribution.
Things, events, moments that are insured to us in life exists. The question as to what the birth of that existence might be can be sensed as illusion related to disillusion. In the same nonsense where sense orbits around and teases human mental existences’. One can only transport thoughts in never ending synaptic movements based on normal or paranormal circumstances. Whatever. There is a veil that wavers for humans or their use. As “their” existence being question or questioned fall into the pit of questionability. All will uncover what covers the infinite infinity by rolling eternal dice that refused to stand still to reveal a numeral possibility ending the outcome.
What does this all mean can result in a mean or happy solution. Future investigation can be stalled or continued as whatever the human mind renders momentarily in a thinking mode.
Musical chairs of thought endlessly play inside chemical processes rendered invisible to the inexhaustible study of mirrors mirroring a mirror. What is to be seen? What is to be imagined? What is to be held up to what?
In the vast cosmos there is space. Between space are spaces that exist between the smallest particles that open up space for spaces. This scientific approach is unscientific and is placed somewhere where time can be swallowed by one human creating unquenchable thirst for another.
The answer to these questions can be idealized or forgotten. What was Timmy doing at the well? Why was Timmy attracted to the well? Did Lassie try to warn Timmy? Lassie was motivated only after Timmy fell into the well. Was Timmy in the well because Lassie accidently or maliciously provided Timmy ‘s entrance into the well? After reading this will all, part or none of it remain inside the readers brain? Or will the words, “Scan This!” be once again read on a red woman’s liberated T-shirt?