I am sitting here and all of a sudden my synaptic memory brain things begin firing and a memory appears.  In this memory I am a very young child in a store.  I am with my sisters and they give me this wind up toy.  My next memory  is I am in my back yard playing with my toy that is in a big steel bucket full of water.  I am laughing and enjoying all the splashing the toy’s flailing around in the water is making.

Skip to next memory and I am crying.  My sister is scolding me saying, “Its not a water toy stupid!”

Another memory fires and I am sitting with my sister and she is reading me a story about a cow, the moon and a spoon.  Somehow, why I am not sure, the cow jumps over the moon.  I cannot remember what the spoon did or why it was in the story.  Anyway.  I am excited about this feat the cow did.   My firing memory recalls that I asked my, older wiser sister, if cow can really jump over the moon?  Her  humorously reply was, “No it is just a silly story.”

My next memory pops up with me sitting on a hugh boulder jutting over a river.  There are millions if not billions of stars in the night sky.  Most importantly is that the moon is full and it looks like it is floating on the water.  A reflective memory to be sure also flowed thru my head that I had taken LSD earlier.

Slowly the story of the cow the moon and the spoon began to take shape in my  memory.  I memory myself standing up walking backwards.  Firing my memory at the same time, I also was judging how far the moon was in the sky.   My memory also had me measuring the distance from the rock to the moon floating on the water.  With all the enthusiasm  I could joyfully muster I, jumping like Peter Pan on Fairy dust.  I soar up and over the moon floating on the water.  I curl up hugging my self as I descend and cannonball land in shallow soft muddy river bottom water.  I felt pure in an enthusiastic euphoric spirit lifting way.  I had achieved what the cow could not.  I had jumped over the moon as it floated on the river.

I never did this again.  Maybe because I got sober and gave up drugs and alcohol.  Maybe because………..I gave up drugs and alcohol.  So I must relate do not try this at home.  Getting a boulder and getting a river to flow through your home is a tough thing to do.  Maybe!  One day if you and I sitting on a boulder jutting over a river.  If we are observing the  moon floating on the water.  Well!  Who knows what sober people are capable of doing in that situation.  Or for that matter a sober cow.