I was enjoying music of Jefferson Airplane playing “White Rabbit” while relaxing on my front porch.  After the song ended a few minutes later 2 white albino rabbits showed up to eat some clover in my yard.

I was listening to Pink Floyd sing that song about money and won some money on a scratch off lottery ticket.

I was in my VW Beetle and singing along with “Born to be Wild” when all of a sudden a gathering of motorcycles passed me by.

Me and my gal were coming home from a night out when “The first time” quietly set up a romantic mood between us.  Resulting in moonlight and stars.

Just moved to NC and driving and dancing in my head to “Johnny Be Good” I turned a corner to drive into a Jazz and Blues Festival.

Out in my yard mowing the lawn, “Amazing Grace” playing on my earbuds, a funeral procession slowly drove past my spiritual thoughts.

Found an ol’ CD with the song. “Stoned Cowboy”.  Don’t remember much after playing that one.  Can’t even remember the name of the band or where I put the CD.