Everybody wants to tell a D. Trump story.  I have the  one about his alleged kidnapping.  That was earlier;  he’s back.  Think of the story is like listening to James Bond music by the National Philharmonic Orchestra.  It isn’t the real  soundtrack but the sound is the same.

It kind of started when a man that looked like Al Franken’s dad was found wandering around the White House.  The staff people, Pages, Congressmen, Secretaries, Senators and other White House employee’s that included the Security People.  These wonders of the Washington Elitist’s, noticed this “Mr. Franken” and just thought he was trying to get his son’s job back. Especially because he kept saying, “Yeah, screw me too.  How about that for a movement.”  Usually he was exiting or near a bathroom facility when the rant’s occurred.  No.  It was not the Trumpman in disguise.  He actually was kidnapped but soon released because the kidnappers just realized what the hell was the point.  Also the fact they got tired of hearing him tell them how great Donald Trump was.

So there you have the Donald Trump Kidnapping story.  Really not much to tell.  The kidnappers ended up paying the ransom.  A diet coke they beat out of a White House Soda machine.  You really don’t think the kidnappers would pay for the coke by going to the White House Cafeteria located behind the press room.  No.  They got the coke unethically.

The whole incident took about  forty five minutes to an hour.  Then the “Donald” ran into the man resembling  Al Franken’s dad and they ended up going golfing until lunch.  After that the un-missing president took a nap then got some ice cream and called it a day.

That is the story.  Except Kelly A. Conway ran into the two new pals and drove them to the golf course.  That got Kelly’s husband mad and they did not talk to each other for the rest of the afternoon.  They usually make up pretty quick.  Kelly’s husband is no dummy he knows she has a good job and tries not to make waves.  Just ripples once in awhile.