If life depended on the roll of the Dice then it would be true that human existence depended not on fate but by chance.  According to people that have no idea about anything.  The answer is…Yes!  The first roll is with only one dice that determines your sex.

The .  (1) is female.  The  .. (2) is male.  … (3) is female that thinks the sex is male.  Therefore …. (4) is a male thinking the sex is female.  Then ….. (5) is the female gay roll.  Which leaves …… (6) a Gay male win.  Oddly sometimes the die actually stands on point and the lucky human gets the female and male parts to make that creation.  So you see then it is all scientific.

The next roll is with two (2) die or now dice.  The resulting numerical value determines which part of the earth the human will begin to exist.  The roll to determine color and culture is the third roll.  The combination of number for roll 2 and 3 is difficult to explain so, so much for getting an explanation for that.

Some will argue that Eve was made from Adam’s rib and not a roll of any die or dice.  Well.  If that were true.  Then that would be a story of Biblical proportions.  Although it must be pointed out that is totally wrong.  Since all life comes after a woman carries a bunch of cells for  9 months to end or begin with a birth.  The stronger argument would be that Adam was made from Eve’s rib because woman brings life into the world.  Of course that would be totally ridiculous.  Unless there was a Garden, a bunch of animals plants, fruits and editable stuff for the animals and Adam and Eve to eat.  Plus a stenographer to take down and write up everything that was happening during this beginning of life; or whatever you want to call it, would be needed.  Unfortunately the argument about this not happening is pretty solid because what kind of rib would it take to make up a stenographer anyway.

Ok.  Back to the dice thing.  The die cube is not meant to also mean “die” as in death.  The game of “die” or a 1 cube with the numbers 1 to six that fills 6 sides of the cube.  Was invented by the Alien’s during a very long voyage in  space.  You see.  The Aliens use little six sided cubes to hold together things on their ship like humans use nails, nuts or screws.  If you can grasp that idea.  One day a bored alien put those . (dots) on a cube.  Why?  When any living thing is bored  who knows why they do what they do.  Think of it as the creation of art came from doodling.

Next thing the alien them, die or  dice,  at his fellow aliens, they threw them back and eventually they hit the spaceship walls and one thing lead to another thing then a bunch of other stuff happened and finally the game of die or dice was invented.   So noted also it  took off with humans.  This happened when the first stenographer noticed the aliens tossing the little cubes around.

The birth connection.  On one of these long boring flights other aliens were messing around with little tiny biological things. The idea of test tube life was being played around with.   One of them was unthinkingly holding some dice and upon noticing them.  There was a connection made about numerical what have you and biological what do you have?  That!  Is something which is impossible to explain.  The question, When will Medicare or Medicaid let Doctors prescribe medical marijuana to seniors?   That and if the Veteran Administration will prescribe it to Veterans.  Those questions will be answered far more quicker than why life is determined by a throw of  die and dice.

In conclusion.  The earlier report of the kidnapping of President Donald Trump.  It seems that the President was disguised as Al Fraken’s father after all.  He was undercover trying to get what people thought of his Supreme Court nominee.  One of the White House Staff asked President Trumps wife where he, the President was. In her English way of speaking she answered that he was taking his kid nap.  Which was her way of saying he was taking a nap.  Since he slept like a baby she called it his “kid” nap.  The Press Secretary overheard the” kid nap” and thought it to be “kidnapped”. This fake White House assumption took hold  like they happen from time to time.  When the disguised Donald as, Al Franken Senior,  got wind of this.  He, President Trump, immediately got John Kelly to disguise himself as himself the President.  Then the  disguised President would take the disguised President to the Golf Club.  This worked fine and no one noticed that an aid of John Kelly actually disguised herself to be the disguised President in disguise of someone in a disguise to be someone or whatever.

In the aftermath.  While President Trump, disguised as Al Franken’s Dad, was sitting in the Golf Cub dining room drinking a Diet Coke and watching the news.  He was wondering why the person disguised as him, the President, was making a speech at the UN? (When leaving the Golf Club the disguised President Trump, as President Trump, was picked up then dropped off near the UN, by a group of strange men.)  The upshot was, while watching and hearing the laughter the fake president got at the UN.  The disguised President watching the disguised President on TV did not get the joke either.*

  • If that last part did not make any sense do not watch Fox News.  It will be better explained on CNN.  Also read Lost and UN-Profound written somewhere on this post.