Tripping thru the universe of the Internet is far different  than personal conversation.  Take in consideration in the one on one or party group experiences.  Most living entities,  the human kind, try and fail badly at trying to get a laugh or smile.  This occurs after expelling various words that are related  or unrelated.  Then exposed.  These words try to exist in a plausable or intelligent sentences or confusion of words that scuffle to be intelligent.  The end result is making humour bad.

I am guilty of this on various numerous occasions which is beyond counting.  The hardest writing I have ever attempted is sarcasm; basically anything I put on paper or the internet.  Therefore I would like to  apologize if anyone is offended or confused as to  the meaning of my Senior Brain synapses firings.  My younger brain functions as a writer were far much worse and confusing.  Especially waking up with a word hangover the next day.  Not to  mention the alcohol and drug consumption during these expulsions of written verbiages.

Presently the bunch of English letters used to mash up cranial information to pass on to whatever poor reader happens to stumble into my erroniously useage of the English, American and United Kingdom stuff.  Mentioned because of my association and experiences rolled up into my language.  Not to mention the inclusion of Polish, Irish, and German parts of my DNA folded into my entity.

To some extent.  Experiences of all two legged, somewhat souls, grouped together as something called humanity.  In reflection to the above written correspondence to you. I would like to end with.  As to the ideas typed.  Not only does this apply to this one biological blood, water and other organ. Also described as a flesh covered existing miracle of life.  As in regard to who or whom may be included in these ramblings.  Not only can I identify with this reflection of life.  Which are included is the question.

But, are not we all thrown into this arena of thoughts wrapped up in something that is unfolding  second by second.  So who is included to the relation of fictional or non-fictional personal books written?   In terms of making sense.  Are not we all?