The demise of prayers are falling out of folded hands ending in clenched fists. Not God’s fault. All prayers being heard will bring out the victory that has presently taken refuge in the thick fog of patience. The Holocaust angels have taken up awaking horseman of the four. Atmospheres of dread, suspicion and depressing thunder roll out that drum beat dying souls encounter. The darkness side of humanity has once again arisen from the dead.
Biblical armor rebounds gathered in timeless dust. Gods Warriors take up shields and weapons. Jesus himself will execute all orders enfolding by a warm breath from God.
We prayed and surely we die. Why does these awful persecutions burn us? The moral now the downtrodden. Immoral evils leave bloody footprints smearing all roads men now transverse. Dice throw are loaded with bounties of ill wins. Why must mothers and fathers witness deaths of sons and daughters? These are the oldest of rumblings history has witnessed during shaking earthquakes of humanity.
The unmistaken physical rapture turned out to be the loss of faith and prayers good men and women no longer believe in. No longer said. No longer granted. The gumball machine is empty.
Remember. Gods Warriors. They will accompany The Spiritual Leader arisen again. Israel will once again be replenished thru rain that will fill rivers, oceans and revive life. The next flood will drench life on a sand sized planet in a vast universe of darkness. Thus, repeating the insignificance being defeated again by the significance life strives for. The power of one folded hand praying to the Creator. Prayer answered.  As prayers are requested to the Creator.