I am sitting here and all of a sudden my memory synapses just firing.  I am a toddler in a store.  I am with two of my sisters.  They  give to me a metal wind up toy. Next memory I am playing with it in a round steel tub that is in my backyard.  The tub is full of water and I am having a great time watching it splash around in the water.  The next memory that fires is I can see me crying.  My sister is yelling at me saying something like, “How stupid are you?  It’s not a water toy!”

Skipping to another memory.  I can see my sister reading me a story about a cow.  There are pictures in the book with a moon and spoon.  The story somehow states that the cow jumped over the moon.  Can’t remember what happened to the spoon. I then ask my sister can a cow really jump over a moon ?  She says no that is just a silly story and cows could  never jump over the moon.

My next memory.  I am sitting on a huge rock that sits jutting out over a river.   The sky is clear and there a millions if not billions of stars out.  I am in awe and wondering how beautiful the universe is!   Also I am wondering if the LSD I took is enhancing the experience.  What ever I am in the midst of a wonderful trip.  Then as  I look out over the river I see the reflection of a full moon in the river.  Wow!  Then it occurred to me I could prove my sister wrong about the cow and moon thing.   So I stand up and walk back a bit.  I measure in my mind the distance between me and the moon.  Checking the moon in the sky and the moon in the water.  Then with a rush of euphoria I run and jump over the moon’s reflection in the water.  I seem to soar over the moon in slow motion; I  grab my legs ending  up with a cannon  ball landing into the water.  The moon  was reflecting itself over shallow water and lucky for me the soft muddy bottom cushioned my fall.  I had the satisfaction that I did what was impossible for the cow.  Next time I told myself I would check the depth of the water first.  There never was a next time.  Though it was one of the greatest exciting and emotional experience I had up to that time.  I ended up in later life to become sober and drug free.  Sitting here now and thinking about this I am wondering would the experience without the LSD be even better?

So I close with the warning do  not do this at home.  Getting a massive rocky boulder and having a river flow thru you abode is not advisable.  Then there also is the drug warning aspect.  Although if you find yourself sitting in the middle of the night on a hugh rocky boulder hanging over a river and the moon is out.   If while you are there and you have a memory of reading about a cow jumping over a moon.  I