Some people lives are God’s private comedy shows. The Truman Show is a movie I think most of us can relate to. Everyone has a life that is full of everyday drama, sadness, comedy, love and infinite possibilities. No matter how one tries sometimes life is interrupted by lengthy commercials that we wish would go away. Sure. We can pray them away, wish them to dissipate, or simply just go to sleep.
Fate says the scripts are already written and we just have to show up reading lines that will form our existences. Astrological predictors play us for our hopes, fears and mainly our coins. Miracles interplay with magic folding our minds into realms of possible outcomes. Like a cat playing with a mouse at the end of a string most of us just give life a bat now and then. Hoping the result will be the pleasure of the moment even sex always leads one to a sticky situation.
The makers of music, art, novels and other such divisive undertakings pass us by like clouds drifting where the wind sends them. The price of the rain falling from these human inventions of mind and matter? Payment equals the quantity of how much will be drunk. Too much of a good or bad thing will drown any undertaker taking all to the egress of finality or eternity.
Whatever happens. There are animals to pet. Hands to be held. Lips to kiss and haters to hate. Thus one day the sun will go out to warm something in some other way. Life will find whatever it finds. Words will be written and mostly unread. If read will feed minds for a few seconds or more. Then something will begin again after all or after nothing, repeating or not.