Revelations of Revelations

Why am I here?  What makes me alive? Where do I go from here?  Who put me here?

I know the answers to all these questions.  So do you.  The problem is that these questions do not want to be answered.  If they were then what would be the fun in that?  Just think for a moment.  You win the lottery.  It is a 100 billion trillion zillion win.  All the money in the universe is yours plus some.  Now what?  You have an infinite supply of wealth to buy whatever you want.  There is the “word” buy.  That is what you do with money.  You buy things.  Unlike earning or creating or producing something that takes work, planning, time, effort or whatever.  You buy when you have an unlimited source of money.  That is not a bad thing.  You can finance the dreamers and creators and make more profits from their ideas.  In a way then you are creating a world that you want.  You chose and pick the future of mankind because you can, “buy.”  I hope you get that what you buy are people.  Money attracts people who will prostitute anything for your money.  Therefore sex or love if you imagine that, is something money will purchase and be put on your tab. 

Now we can start revaluating in the revelations.  Let us start with, “Where do I go from here?”  You have all the financial resources as explained above.  After a time you will have gone thru fake friends and fake everything.  Now once again you realize you are alone.  You were alone when you were poor; you once again are alone and you are rich.  Maybe a dog or some pet will be keeping you company but basically you are on the mountain top and you are seeing a life of financial security.  The problem is that it is a few years later.  Time has gone by and you are getting, “old.”  Old in the sense, that people are fed up with you.  People will simply move on because they will never have what you have.  Old, aging you! What next.  I give you immortality.  Now you are rich and immortal.  You live people die, you stay rich and healthy at the age you want.  You are physically sound forever.  No health problems, no hurts, no pain, no diseases of any kind.  Everything around you is deteriorating but you.  Once again you buy what you need to and continuing shaping your world.  Are you having fun yet?

What makes me alive?  Even though you are immortal you still wonder.  What makes me alive?  What is immortality?  Here you go again.  You are eternally financially secure.  You are immortal and still what goes thru your mind?  “What makes me alive?”  Amazingly you may realize that immortality and riches are not the answer.  Still you are definitely not ready to give them up. So it is that mortal or immortal, rich or poor you still have the same questions.  So just because the riches and immortality are just fictional stuff, you go back to reality.  Which is poor mortal you.  The reason you are alive is because of sex.  Sex the pure and simple slam bang process that ends up biologically working to be you.   Why am I alive?  Sperm and egg brothers and sisters, alleluia!

Who put me here?  Sex not being the answer that is good enough for you, something else has to be.  Lovers and sex not the answer.  You are a living intellectual being.  You want “ANSWERS.”  You need something or someone to blame for your existence.  So you make a list.  God, Higher Power, Aliens from outer space, evolution, osmosis, regeneration, or anything your mind can conjure up.  This is little tricky and sometimes it is just easier to accept what someone else conjured up.  Like religion or some cult form.  Now again you have an answer.  That nagging question again pops up.  Where do I go from here?  Where ever you want.

I then lead you to the big question.  Why am I here?  “Where do you want to be?” Yep, it is that simple.  Well, being the intellectuals we are it cannot be that simple.  If it were then you wasted a lot of time finding that out.  You, and I, need a bigger more mind blowing answer.  So how about we are born so we can die.  In between we ask a lot of questions because we do not want it to be a simple answer.  Again where do we go from here?

Death is the final rapture.  Don’t be so surprised.  Death is something no one really wants.  Just die and that is it.  Maybe if your life was so evil or disgusting to all of humanity, death is just death, the end.  I and you want more.  Maybe a spaceship will come to pick up with a God of our understanding steering it.  It does not really matter.  Some of us may have a ghost of a chance, a little humor there, and float around on Halloween.  It does not really matter.  The final and true answer will always be life then death

Revelations of Revelations is that there always was an answer but mankind cannot intellectually admit that.  You don’t want to and I don’t matter.  That little circle of life or existence we create in our minds thru religion, fantasy, magic or just plain day dreaming is what we want.  Simple answers are just too complicated for me and you sometimes.  We want more riches, life, knowledge, health, and answers for more answers. 

In my conclusion I have offered you really nothing.  You have a life go die for it. That is my Revelation of Revelations.