“It is my right to the pursuit of happiness, as stated in the Constitution.  I pursued them then killed them; it made me happy.”

 The Courtroom was in a state of cynical laughter then quiet reflection.   The Judge realized that Pandora had opened another of her boxes.  The devil threw a party in hell.  God opened all Seven Seals all at once.  The angels began to prepare for Armageddon and Jesus shed heaven’s dust from his sandals.   The problem was the trial was on live Cable, Satellite TV and all over the Internet.  The News repeated it creating a tidal wave of intelligent idiotic reasoning’s. It did not go viral but vile.

What can be written after this?  Stories of the Spanish Inquisition?  Maybe, Insights and reflections on the Holocaust?   Groggily remembering a night after drinking and frenzied disco dancing?  The final results of a Presidential election even were not so horrifying.  The statement itself is not as abhorrent as the thought that went into it afterward.  Thinkers included liberals, Conservatives, Intellectuals, Comedians, and whatever sects or forms of righteous opinions made this tsunami roll.  Lead and mercury makeup was great for the first few times of use.  Too much ate away the skin.  So goes rational thinking in members only group settings. 

The guilty verdict would have a no brainer for people with any or no brains, so it was mulled. The Pursuit of Happiness conjoined with the killing convoluted the yea or nay sneezes.  If the perpetrator was happy, then in the pursuit of this happiness is the perpetrator’s right.  That is if happiness was the result of the pursuit.  Or so talk show hosts exploited, exploded, imploded as shekels doubled along with ratings that pleased all sponsored opinions.    

The Not Guilty verdict has possibly been the guiltiest verdict ever.  Guilty until proven innocent sits on the scales of innocent until proven guilty which the blindfolded lady holds before her.  In a side joke Justice is told, after she is blindfolded, that she is holding a lantern not scales.  Worse yet being blindfolded she cannot tell if the lantern is lit or unlit.  Finally embolden in stone she is silenced and unable to speak.  This is Justice displayed that is embraced by the masses.  If explained to a physically blind human entity, the explanation of this Justice representation may elude them, as they try to peek beyond the blindfold. 

Punctuation, tone of the story teller’s voice and poetic license is forcefully instructed to children as how to interpret a story.  People’s cultures face extinction not by physical means as much as mental negative social norms about their culture exact self extermination.    The Pursuit of Happiness is not in their Constitution but is in the exclusive foreign language of others.

A childhood conversation concluded that Hitler wrote My Camp, a book about German Boy Scouts.  The Bible is said to be the word of “God.”  E=mc2.  The Earth is round and the universe is Infinite.  Everything is proven mathematical equations that even the aliens elsewhere in the universe use.  Prayer is the answer for all problems.  There is no life after death but there is an afterlife.  God, The Great Spirit or Super explosion began life.  DNA, RNA, water, atoms, fire, air, earth all exist in a vacuum called life.  Seeing believes the seeing after believing.  Something has to be true.  Is it a good day to die or a good day to live?  What happiness does one pursue?