History Never Repeats Itself

There is a myth that History repeats itself.  The fact is that historians never repeat history the exact true way it happens.  If that were true only one historical book for every historical account would be needed.   In a childlike game a message is whispered into another child’s ear.  This message then is whispered again and again until finally it reaches the last child.  Depending on the number of children, the message is magically changed to something that may not even be the original message.  Imagine this happening over thousands of years. 

The Late Show is only for today but late. Even the first Late Today host is hardly remembered.  If we go back to the original date of the first Late Today Host we may get the right one.  Then someone will say what about Radio?  The first Late Today Host should be remembered as the first Radio Host of that day.  Nope.  The first Late Today Show Host was the first printer of the news or entertainment in newspapers.  Sorry.  The first person to write information on cave walls that was the first Host of Late Today information.  God then is the first Today Show Host because He or She wrote the Bible; which was written late or later. See the progression. Sometimes we forget the funny and get too serious.

If we remunerate further we maybe can imagine this scenario.   A book called “WHOS BOAT IS THIS BOAT?” Found over a hundred years in an attic or basement in some obscure forgotten box or some old dusty place like a library.  This book published by Simon and Schuster and by The Staff of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (The first Late Today Show host, which back then called a Report.)  

So then over a hundred years the book is found.  Maybe the first synapse firings of the person that found this may fire off thoughts that a children’s book was found.  The book could be also a Historical Book because a President wrote it.  That then would question what kind of President?  Sometime back the Office of the President in this Country was abolished by popular vote in 2020 for some reason that cannot remember.  So what does President mean?   

Therefore everything has changed.  The politics, the country, the way people thought and a bunch of other stuff that affected the passage of HISTORY from one generation to the next.  So what happens to the book next? It may get tossed away or sold at a book or some kind of look what I found sale.  There may have even been a solar storm or blast and there is no television, internet, car radio, or electronic stuff that was used over a hundred years ago.  So is history repeated?  Shall we say, in this case?  Will the history of this book be truthfully repeated?  The exact true historical fact may end up being that the ownership of boats was very important.  People were very sad if no one knew who owed a boat.  People that were called President were responsible to find out who owned the boats. Finally boats at that time were built and propelled by sexy legs in high heel looking shoes.

In conclusion Donald J. Trump (By Accident) explains why the person pointing to the boat has a red face.  He possibly got it after the Hurricane Accident he may have been involved in.  Or also maybe that he got the job in helping finding boats by accident?

(Please note I have no authority by anyone any organization to write this story.  Then again, a hundred plus years from now who gives a……historical care.)