Then God said….”I didn’t say that!”

God did not actually write the Bible.  He dictated his words to the human race then the human race interpreted what they thought God was thinking or saying.  Thru the years God tried to fix that by talking to certain human individuals in what we may call Divine Intervention.  Prophets were also born to help get things right.  Finally after this did not work, as well as God wanted, he sent us Jesus.  Most of us know how that ended up.  Mary, Jesus’ mom, tried to help God as did Hindu, India, Greek, Roman and other deities in their respective areas on Earth. The final result was a lot of religions and a lot of words of God. 

One must realize the mind of God is just too vast and way ahead of mere mortal thinking.   The human race will not admit to this.  They would rather blame their lack of understanding on Adam and Eve eating the Tree of Knowledge fruit.

The Tree of Knowledge story is other words that get a little out of hand.  God did not really kick them, Adam and Eve, out of the Garden of Eden.  They ran out of the Garden and hid from God.  When God finally caught up with them they were so far away they could not find their way back.  God then took care of them in different ways.  God began to GIVE Adam and Eve knowledge so they could survive on their own.  God, knowing that this knowledge could only be given to them a little at a time, stretched the knowledge out over generations after Adam and Eve, and is still doing so.   Adam and Eve are back in the Garden which is what we now call Heaven.  This will be explained later to another human being when God is ready.

There is another thing that needs to be cleared up which is, Evolution.  God inspired Darwin and gave him the Evolution fruit of knowledge.   Adam and Eve’s creation slowed down God’s making life and God started creating things a little slower.  God had started to make the human race in this way. God also waited a very long time for them to get started while he kept an eye on Adam and Eve and eventually their children; which God would later assimilated into his new creations.  This way the children of Adam and Eve could slowly give, these evolution type creations, the knowledge they learned.  Eventually they all began learning together.  Some learned faster than others and that was also what God wanted.

It was also very very clear to God that when God interacted with humans a lot of misunderstanding of what God was trying to do was harvested.  The human beings also began fighting for the attention of God and well, the fruit of those results are pretty apparent today.  God did eventually choose some people to be special to him and the fruit of jealously began to ripen.  God was more frustrated than angry after Adam and Eve ate that Knowledge fruit so long ago. 

The things written here are a mystery as where the thoughts or words came from.  These ideas may be inspired by God but one will never really know.  That is probably because God is being a little cautious about telling the writer, that what is written here are in fact the Words of God!  The advice to the reader is, do not freak out!  Slowly take in what information is out there and be wary if someone tells you eating a certain fruit will automatically give you knowledge.  God wants knowledge to be learned and earned.  That is why he gave us TV and computers which is a little step up from newspapers and books.

God may or may not have approved these words.