The Little Rock

Once in a moment of life a little girl found a rock.  The rock was very oval and very smooth.  It was the prettiest rock the little girl had ever seen.  The little girl new she had to do something very special with this rock she had found.  She took the rock home and thought and thought about that rock.  What could she possibly do?   One day, in school, the Teacher informed the students that a special day was coming up.  It was Grandparent day!  The Teacher said that the little children students could make something special and give it to their Grandparents.  This would happen on the next day in art class so the little budding artists would have time to think about what they wanted to create for their Grandparents.  The little girl immediately thought about her special smooth oval rock she found.

On Grandparents Day the little girl went to her Grandparents house and gave them a present that was wrapped in yellow crinkly paper with a big pink bow tied all around to keep the present safe and secret. The Grandparents were so happy to open the present and found a very special present.  It was a very smooth oval rock painted green like the color of grass.  All around the rock was painted all kinds of flowers.  The little girl said the flowers were Heather Flowers because her Grandparents had once lived in Scotland and told the little girl all about the Heather that grew in Scotland.  The little girl also drew some daisies, bluebells and other special flowers the little girl invented. 

There was a garden that the Grandparents had diligently worked on but could never could get the Heather flowers to grow.  The little girl told them that now they would have Heather flowers in their garden forever.  Everyone was so happy and pleased and the little smooth oval green grass painted rock, with Heather flowers and daisies and bluebells and other special flower, now sat in a special place in the Grandparents garden.

Years went by and the little girl grew up very fast.  Time made her Grandparents older and older and older as time usually does.  The little girl grew up to be a lovely woman and married a handsome man and had beautiful children.  They were very sad as time went by and the Grandparents decided to move on to heaven because they could grow all the Heather flowers they wanted up there.  The little girl, now a caring and understanding person, was sad but understood how time aged all the Grandparents in the world.  She was especially happy because her Grandparents went to Heaven on the same day.

 One special day there was an announcement that a new baby was going to be a part of this, now Mothers, family.  The whole family was excited and could hardly wait.  Eventually the doctor peeked into the Mother’s belly and found a little oval baby girl.

Time went by and everything was good.  The little oval baby grew and grew and made her Mothers belly so big that sometimes the mothers back would hurt.  The mother also ate a lot of silly food that her husband and her other children would bring her to keep her happy.

A few weeks before the little oval girl baby was to be born something very odd happened.  The little oval baby girl stopped moving in her mother’s belly and became still like a little rock.  The mother and family waited anxiously and finally the little oval baby girl came into the world.  Unfortunately the little oval baby girl would not wake up and continued to sleep like a little rock which could never ever be woken up.

The family had a little bed made that the little oval baby girl would be able to sleep in forever.  The earth would be placed over the bed in order to keep the little oval baby girl safe and warm.  There was a little cross with the name “Little Oval Baby Angel” placed by where the special sleeping place was.  It rained quite a bit that day.  The sun was out sending comforting warm rays to hug family that had rain ridden faces for the little oval girl.  Later on a very cold and sad season of Winter, crawled all over the land like it usually does. 

Spring did come around and as it brought new life to the land and this stirred the longing of the family, of the little oval girl, to go and visit her.  They decided to bring love and flowers to keep the little girl company as she slept and could never wake up. 

Once again the Sun made sure there were warm rays to help them on their visit.  All went well and even though sadness crept around touching each of the little oval girl Angel’s family.  Love overcame most of the sadness and after awhile they began to leave their sister to sleep forever.  Then there was a very loud THUMP that startled each and every one of them.  What was it?

There in the middle of the flowers, they planted, was a smooth green oval rock painted like green grass.  There were Heather flowers and daisies and bluebells and other special flowers painted on this special rock.   Where did that come from?  Finally the once little girl that painted this special rock whispered. Thank you Grandma and Grand pa we still love and miss you too.  Keep our little angel safe until we can come and finally wake her up and play in the Heather and daisy and bluebells and special flowers that you grow in heaven. 

There was always a little bit of sadness that never left this family.  There were also an Angel, Heather, daisies, bluebells and other special flowers too.