Margareta Waddles

This is the story of my cat Margareta Waddles.  Margareta Waddles was adopted by me while she lived in an Animal Shelter.  She is a very old cat and was going to be put to sleep if she was not adopted very soon.  She is black with what appears to be brownish type strips.  She has green eyes and has no claws.  She also is very fat and her body looks like a very large oval.    

Margareta Waddles likes children to pet her.  Margareta has a favorite fish toy she bats around that is tied to a string.  Margareta Waddles also likes to stare into space after playing with the fish.

Margareta will wake up around noon and cry until she is fed.  She likes gravy without the food in it and Temptation treats.  This is just about all she eats and only eats a little at a time.  Her water has to be room temperature; not too warm not too cold. 

After eating Margareta goes to sleep on her favorite pillow on the sofa.  If anyone else sits on the sofa she gets annoyed and will try to nudge them off the sofa.  Margareta Waddles will then sleep until 11 PM.   Margareta cries until her food and water dish is cleaned and refilled.  Then Margareta will go back to sleep until it is time to wake up again around noon.   

That is just about it.  After all Margareta Waddles is a cat and that is what old cats usually do.