Twas the biggest most important speech in the history of the planet. Everyone, I mean everyone attended. All ages, all sexes, all of everyone. It was shown on all the social media platforms, all computers, all cell phones, and anything technological. It was on the TV in all bars, restaurants, medical waiting rooms, classrooms, news media and any place it could be shown and heard. The main problem it was heard by humans. Not just any humans but human beings.

Within minutes of the speech starting bathrooms around the world started to become overcrowded. Mostly old people and those with medical problems associated with trips to the loo. There were monitors in these defecation and urine release areas. Mostly they were peed and pooped on.

Other young people in classrooms just fell asleep and nodded off. While other couples decided coitus was more fun than babbling words of importance.

Then there were the extreme listeners that just plugged their ears with music and tried to lip read. Some read books or texts while attempting to look interested in this world event that would or could change everything.

There may be said that there also is an art to daydreaming. That art does not include listening to anything or anyone around the dreamer. There was no lack of imagination. Just no imagination to the words spoken at all. Not all words were missed. Some words rose into human beings minds that interested them while they echoed and then fell over the cliffs of silence never to be heard again.

To say that no one listened would be a fake false statement. Retaining what was listened to, that only lasted for maybe a few seconds or minutes an hour would have been almost unreasonable.

The whole speech of course was recorded and printed. Here it is in it’s entirety. Just go to http://www.sp……………hey what happened?