Immediately after the baby was born. The first reaction to life was a smile then what seemed to be giggling. The doctors and nurses were startled and confused at first. Then when they realized what was happening they too began to smile then eventually laughed themselves. Thus proving laughter, and do I dare say, happiness is contagious.

The birth of children laughing is a rare occurrence. Yet. Surprisingly it does happen. God him or her self was smiling and laughing while creating. It was not until later that most babies were born crying due to the shock of life itself. That in itself did not stop some entering the world smiling and giggling.

Now what person in their right mind would be born in this happy manner? Maybe. They truly are the only ones born in their right minds. Who are these people? It is impossible to named them all or to when exactly this occurrence began. Jesus was one due to hearing the donkey immediately after his birth. In this lifetime some born were Will Rogers, never met a man or woman he did not like, he was later quoted as saying. Red Skelton, a comedian that always closed his act saying, God bless. Queen Elizabeth smiled and giggled only once. Immediately she gained her composure went regal and fundamentally cooed. Carol Burnett, a female comedy icon, when the doctor brushed her ear during birth, was another. I am sure there are many more that we will just never know about. Myself being one. To this day I have an urgent need to smile and wave at everyone I meet.

Well. What does all of this mean? I, to be honest, am not sure. It just occasionally happens. Why should it not? The task of living is not easy. There are innumerable challenges, pitfalls, disappointments, and troubles that sting living souls through out our short life spans. Surely then, why should it not be that most are born crying and afraid. Welcoming being born, what makes us we rarely question or acknowledge this phenomena?

The ho hum theory is that only Saints not sinners would be born laughing, smiling or giggling. This is very far from the truth. Anyone can be born in any way that it just happens. It is that strange millisecond of birth that causes this joy, or fear, that will be life.

What is the scientific proof? Absolutely none. Scientists are born to be pretty serious. They would just shrug off this notion of babies giggling and smiling upon experiencing the trauma of birth. The only other thing I can think of is that some inventors came along and invented happy things like ice cream that brought joy to the realm of the living. So you see it is all not perfect sense or a solid argument. It is just an argument not making sense at all. That, my friend, is exactly what it is suppose to be. Not an argument at all. Just a happy smiling giggling thought that some did enter life laughing.