I think my cat is into some kind of bondage thing. I adopted her when she was on Animal Shelter Death Row. She had 2 days left on the Cat Death Row when I brought her home. She is a old fat cat that wobbles when she walks. She is a marble color black and brown with very soft fur that my Grandpeople like to pet. Her name is Marquita Waddles.

Usually I call her Kitty. My Aunt was called Kitty and for some reason the cat reminds me of her a little. Anyway sometimes when I pet her she bits me. Sometimes a little nip other times a good, got a little blood there, bite. The strange thing she only does it to me. Don’t get me wrong she likes to be petted. She will actually get into my face and give me the, “pet me meow.” She gets on the arm of the couch and puts her nose as close to my face as she can get. Then the complaining to be petted starts. So I pet her. This is good for a few minutes then she begins her nip and biting thing. I just remembered, as I was writing this, she usually wants the petting thing after she plays with her mice on a string.

I tied two small pet store catnip filled stuffed mice on an elastic string. Then I tied it to hang from my hospital like tray I use when snacking and watching TV. This worked until I helped her play with it. Now she will only play with the darn string mice thing if I dangle it near her, She sits under the mice thing and makes a weird cat like crying noise until I begin to dangle it. I guess you can say I am like her human she dominates. I had a red furry thing with googling eyes she played with before this. She managed to rip that off the string and now carries the plastic part in her mouth with the string dragging behind. Maybe she thinks it is her whip. It is strange but it is plastic and she really is into biting plastic. She bites and chews my plastic garbage bags, candy wrappers, bubble wrap, plastic lamp shades, or anything that is remotely like plastic.

Thank you for reading this. If you know of any reason she is like this please let me know. She does not get along with other animals. She once nearly went thru my screen door trying to get a bird or some stray cat that comes around. She is declawed, was declawed when I adopted her, and is smart enough not to go outside. She did not go thru the screen door because she more or less waddle runs and can’t get up a lot of speed.