I really do not know if you care or not that I am back with a story.

Just a reminder to you.  If you do not see any updates for awhile I am usually with the Aliens doing research on this book.  Sometimes they are experimenting on me and it is tough to write with those probes in me.  The placing of those probes are very distracting to say the least or most.

There is a story going around that if you step inside a crop circle you will come out with plans on how to build a spaceship.  It happens once or twice by mistake.  Aliens are not prone to give out plans on how to make a space ship.  It happens when a visitor to the crop circle accidently finds a stalk in the crop circle that has dropped plans for the spaceship inside.  This is very rare so please if you do visit a crop circle do not ravage or destroy them looking for these plans.  Your chances of finding one is like trying to find a needle on the bottom of the ocean floor in the vicinity of what was once Atlantes.  Sometimes spelled Atlantis.  So you see first you have to locate the place find the correct spelling of the sunken civilization then find the needle.  Then there is the question of what kind of needle and what size is the needle.  What was that needle used for and what is it made up of.  Is it a wooden needle or a metal needle or a needle made from Alien space material.  Is the needle engraved or not.  Does the needle have a circular hole or a oblong hole or no hole at all.  Does the needle have a point or something else.  Is it a needle at all or does it just kind of looks like a needle.  Is it an industrial needle or a general alien needle any alien can use.  Hopefully you will get my drift on how difficult these so called space ship building directions are to find.  Then the language of the plans are written in alien language.  So if you should happen to hear about a person going to a crop circle and finding plans to build a space ship.  Beware.  

Sorry probing time again so I have to go.  Don’t worry probing is not all bad it just depends on which alien is doing the probing and how experienced they are at it.