Most of us got it wrong. Men and Women do not try to cheat death. That is impossible and a fact written in stone that is harder to remove than the Ten Commandments. Every attempt to cheat life is historically proven thru the entire existence of time. Usually the attempt starts with little lies and explodes into a nuclear blast of reason that lasts a lifetime.

What happens is that life is attempted to be controlled. Revolution has bent life to a certain purpose. It happened in America, France and Russia to name a few familiar attempts to whip life into Constitutions. The result is that the main leader of people are the ones who benefit the most. The thinkers or shakers of such Revolutions swim into power bleeding masses of people endlessly for the genius of freedom. There are less graves for Generals than soldiers.

Improving life and changes during a lifetime are not always what one may believe as good or evil. It is something that is built into the living because cheating life is exceedingly easier than cheating death. Bending, controlling, reshaping, changing, improving life is a normal pathway with plenty of road signs placed along the way. The rubble of past civilizations found along the way is abundant proof. There are more bones hidden below the dirt then imagination can muster.

The meaning of all this? Means nothing at all. Again and again time will devour all eventually. Written history will change, be forgotten or simply erased to fit whatever mold is needed at the time. Victory changes with each stroke of the pen not with lost lives on the battlefield. So then do lies seep into rivers and oceans of the living history. Which is not all bad. Not all good. Not anything at all after death. What remains is the wind.